Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum 8 Third Edition (print and interactive textbook powered by Cambridge HOTmaths

Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum 8 Third Edition (print and interactive textbook powered by Cambridge HOTmaths
David Greenwood / Bryn Humberstone / Sara Woolley / Justin Robinson / Jenny Goodman / Jennifer Vaughan / Stuart Palmer
Year 8
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The most authoritative coverage of the new Victorian Curriculum now with a powerful diagnostic assessment tool to identify and address gaps in student knowledge.

  • Incorporates the curriculum’s enhanced focus on algorithms, computational thinking and simulations with a new technology and computational thinking activity per chapter that encourages students to use digital tools to solve a range of mathematical problems.
  • New targeted skillsheets focus on a single skill or set of related skills and are supported by worked examples.
  • New editable lesson summaries, ideal for classroom presentation, help focus student attention and promote class discussion.
  • Introducing our diagnostic assessment tool: developed in consultation with classroom teachers, this powerful tool offers the flexibility to build your tests from one or more textbook lesson or curriculum content descriptor, and choose to drill down to mathematical skill level. Identify and address gaps in student knowledge with intuitive reporting and follow-up work.

A proven teaching and learning formula:

  • Developed by the most experienced and authoritative team of authors writing for the Victorian Curriculum, this new edition continues to combine logical and sequential topic development with well-graded exercises and linked examples to encourage deep understanding of concepts.
  • Carefully designed, differentiated learning pathways (Growth, Standard and Advanced) ensure all students have some experience across understanding fluency, problem solving and reasoning questions, while content included in 10A fully prepares students heading into VCE mathematics courses.
  • Integrated digital resources and a powerful Learning Management System enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Learn more: cambridge.edu.au/essentialmathsvic 

The text delivered in print format.
Interactive Textbook powered by Cambridge HOTmaths
Interactive Textbook powered by Cambridge HOTmaths
The online version of the student text delivers a host of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience, and when connected to a class teacher account offers a powerful Learning Management System. It is accessed online through a HOTmaths account using a unique 16-character code provided with the Print Textbook, or available for purchase separately as a digital-only option.

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Offline Textbook
Offline Textbook
The downloadable offline version of the student text enables students to take notes, highlight key passages, and bookmark pages. It is available from Cambridge GO using the unique 16-character code that is included with the purchase of the Print Textbook and the Interactive Textbook.

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The most trusted maths resource for the Victorian Curriculum, Essential Mathematics Years 7-10 Third edition now offers a powerful diagnostic tool to identify and address gaps in student knowledge.

David Greenwood

David Greenwood is the Head of Mathematics at Trinity Grammar School in Melbourne and has 30+ years teaching mathematics from Year 7 to 12. He is the lead author for the Cambridge Essential series and has authored more than 80 titles for the Australian Curriculum and for the syllabuses of the states and territories. He specialises in analysing curriculum and the sequencing of course content for school mathematics courses. He also has an interest in the use of technology for the teaching of mathematics.

Bryn Humberstone

Bryn Humberstone graduated from the University of Melbourne with an Honours degree in Pure Mathematics, and has 20+ years' experience teaching secondary school mathematics. He has been a Head of Mathematics since 2014 at two independent schools in Victoria. Bryn is passionate about applying the science of learning to teaching and curriculum design, to maximise the chances of student success.

Sara Woolley

Sara Woolley was born and educated in Tasmania. She completed an Honours degree in Mathematics at the University of Tasmania before completing her education training at the University of Melbourne. She has taught mathematics from Years 7 to 12 since 2006 and is currently a Head of Mathematics. She specialises in lesson design and creating resources that develop and build understanding of mathematics for all students.

Justin Robinson

Justin Robinson is Co-Founder of The Wellbeing Distillery, an organisation committed to energising, equipping and empowering teachers. He consults with schools globally on the fields of student and educator wellbeing. Prior to this, Justin spent 25 years teaching mathematics, covering all levels of secondary education including teaching VCE, IB and A-Levels. His driving passion was engaging and challenging students within a safe learning environment. Justin is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education.

Jenny Goodman

Jenny Goodman has taught in schools for over 28 years and is currently teaching at a selective high school in Sydney. Jenny has an interest in the importance of literacy in mathematics education, and in teaching students of differing ability levels. She was awarded the Jones Medal for education at Sydney University and the Bourke Prize for Mathematics. She has written for CambridgeMATHS NSW and was involved in the Spectrum and Spectrum Gold series.

Jennifer Vaughan

Jennifer Vaughan has taught secondary mathematics for over 30 years in New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and New Zealand and has tutored and lectured in mathematics at Queensland University of Technology. She is passionate about providing students of all ability levels with opportunities to understand and to have success in using mathematics. She has extensive experience in developing resources that make mathematical concepts more accessible, to develop student confidence, achievement and an enjoyment of maths.

Stuart Palmer

Stuart Palmer is a fully qualified high school mathematics teacher with more than 25 years’ experience teaching students from all walks of life in a variety of schools. He has been Head of Mathematics in two schools. He is very well known by teachers throughout the state for the professional learning workshops he delivers. Stuart also assists thousands of Year 12 students every year as they prepare for their HSC Examinations. At the University of Sydney, Stuart spent more than a decade running tutorials for pre-service mathematics teachers.

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