Cambridge HSC Personal Development Health and Physical Education (digital)

Cambridge HSC Personal Development Health and Physical Education (digital)
Liam McCudden / Gareth Hawgood / Rachel James / Lee Clark / Zane Osborn / Andrew Ponsen / Victoria Bonsor / Alex McGeoch
New South Wales
Year 12
Health & PE
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Written for the NSW Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Stage 6 Syllabus, this thought-provoking series covers core and optional topics from a range of perspectives to provide a solid foundation in the subject area and fully prepare students for success in their HSC exams.

  • Written by experienced sport and health professionals to provide authoritative and up-to-date information that is reflective of best practice in the contemporary health and sports world.
  • Provides superior exam preparation and support for teachers and students with an extensive range of engaging activities and exam-style multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions. 
  • Caters for the different learning abilities and styles within the PDPHE classroom, with an engaging design, fresh format and a wide variety of activities.
  • A flexible suite of innovative print and digital resources bring PDPHE concepts to life and suit the differing needs of schools and their students.
Interactive Textbook
Interactive Textbook
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PDF Textbook
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Chapter 1 Health priorities

1.1 How Australia’s health priority issues are identified

1.2 The priority areas for the improvement of health in Australia

1.3 The role played by health-care facilities and services in ensuring better health for all Australians

1.4 The actions needed to address Australia’s health priorities

Chapter 2 Factors affecting performance

2.1 The effects of training on performance

2.2 The impact of psychology on performance

2.3 The effects of nutrition and recovery strategies on performance

2.4 The impact on performance of the acquisition of skills

Chapter 3 The health of young people

3.1 What good health means for young people

3.2 The extent of good health among Australia’s young people

3.3 The skills and actions required for young people to attain better health

Chapter 4 Sport and physical activity in Australian society

4.1 The changing meanings of sport and physical activity 

4.2 The links between sport, and national and cultural identity

4.3 The contribution of the mass media to understanding values and beliefs about sport

4.4 The links between sport, physical activity and gender 

Chapter 5 Sports medicine

5.1 The classification and management of sports injuries

5.2 Addressing the demands of specific athletes through sports medicine

5.3 Enhancing the well-being of athletes through preventative action

5.4 Managing injury rehabilitation

Chapter 6 Improving Performance

6.1 Training of athletes for improved performance

6.2 Planning considerations for improving performance

6.3 Ethical issues involved in improving performance

Chapter 7 Equity and Health

7.1 Health inequities faced by Australians

7.2 The population groups facing health inequities in Australia

7.3 Ways to bridge the gap in the health status of populations

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Written by experienced sport and health professionals to provide superior exam preparation and support.

Written for the NSW Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Stage 6 Syllabus, this thought-provoking series covers core and optional topics from a range of perspectives to provide a solid foundation in the subject area and fully prepare students for success in their HSC exams.

ISBN 9781107435124
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Liam McCudden

Liam is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and an accredited member of Sports Dietitians Australia. He has been working in private practice for the past three years and is passionate about the importance of good nutrition for general health and sports performance. Liam has worked with a range of athletes from recreational to elite levels, including national level teams.

Gareth Hawgood

Gareth is currently Head of PDHPE at Hunter Valley Grammar School in Maitland. He has been a specialist PDHPE teacher for 27 years, working in both primary and secondary schools. He has co-authored an HSC Study Guide for PDHPE and is a long-term member of ACHPER and PDHPETA. As an educator he is keen to see students achieve their personal best and to develop a love and passion for lifelong movement.

Rachel James

Rachel James, BA (Human Movement), Grad Dip Ed is a PDHPE teacher with more than 15 years experience and has been a contributing author on multiple published PDHPE textbooks. She has led curriculum programming across all secondary stages, including adapting these for online and BYOD learning. She is the Head of Sport at William Carey Christian School and is the long standing secretary to the CSSA Committee of Management which consists of over 80 schools. Rachel is passionate about curriculum and is leading program and resource development for the implementation of Health and Movement Science at WCCS.

Lee Clark

Lee has been a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach for a period of 15 years, holding positions as Head of Physical Performance at both the Newcastle Knights and Newcastle Jets. Lee has Bachelor of Education (PDHPE) and a Masters of Medical Science (Human Physiology). Lee is a qualified exercise physiologist and holds a Level 3 Strength and Conditioning certification with the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association.

Zane Osborn

As well as school-based teaching, Zane has worked extensively in the not-for-profit sector, in outdoor education and with primary school children as part of extracurricular programs focused on improving movement and health. Recently, Zane has specialised in working with corporate clients to enhance leadership, team work and fun. Zane also works closely with communities to implement health based programs aimed at improving and sustaining the good health of families

Andrew Ponsen

Andrew Ponsen, BA Teaching (BA HPE) (Hons) is currently Director of Active Learning and Lead Educator (PDHPE) at St Philip’s Christian College (Newcastle Campus). He has over 20 years of experience as a specialist PDHPE teacher across junior, middle and senior years, and has coached a range of individual and team sports. He is passionate about helping students develop a deep value of lifelong health, facilitating movement opportunities that lead to holistic and meaningful athletic development and strives to help all students achieve their academic potential. He has extensive experience in HSC marking, and co-authored the Cambridge PDHPE Textbooks and Checkpoints Study Guide.

Victoria Bonsor

Victoria has over 10 years experience in teaching. She has taught in public and private education sectors across all areas of PDHPE, including CAFS and stage 5 & 6 Dance. Victoria is passionate about teenagers adopting an active and healthy way of living for their entire life.

Alex McGeoch

Following graduating, Alex moved into clinical musculoskeletal physiotherapy in the private sector for 3 years before transitioning to a senior rehabilitation consulting position. Alex has a special interest in the optimal management of sporting injuries and has post-graduate training in sports injury management, casting and dry-needling.

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