Cambridge HOTmaths Supplement Validation Code

Cambridge HOTmaths Supplement Validation Code
Year 3 / Year 4 / Year 5 / Year 6 / Year 7 / Year 8 / Year 9 / Year 10
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The Cambridge HOTmaths School Validation Code is used to validate a STUDENT school subscription to HOTmaths. If you do not have a school subscription, please visit the HOTmaths website to purchase an individual student subscription.  To purchase a TEACHER account, or for more information, contact us on 1300 887 907.

To use this product, you will also require an integrated Cambridge textbook.  If you do not have an integrated Cambridge textbook, please purchase the Cambridge HOTmaths School Validation Code instead.

Cambridge HOTmaths brings you the best in interactive online maths learning resources.  The rich curriculum-based content offers a wealth of topics for Foundation to Year 10, including Australian Curriculum courses.

  • Provides over 600 interactive investigations (widgets), 1000 printable worksheets and 400 complete lessons combined with diagnostic tests and other assessment activities.
  • Instant access to to interactive resources for Foundation to Year 10 delivers revision, enrichment and extension, as well as supporting the transition from Primary to Secondary schooling.

Cambridge HOTmaths is an annual subscription.  This product will validate one student's school subscription for one school year.

Cambridge HOTmaths
Cambridge HOTmaths
Cambridge HOTmaths offers the best in interactive online maths learning, teaching and assessment resources for Australian students and teachers. The rich-curriculum based content provides a state-of-the-art and comprehensive teaching and learning program is accessed through a HOTmaths account.