Cambridge Essential English for Queensland: Author interviews

31 JULY 2018
Hear our authors discuss how teachers and students are supported in the syllabus changes.

In this series of short videos, authors Rhiannon French and Lynda Wall explore how they have addressed the new Essential English for Queensland syllabus. Watch them discuss what types of texts they have chosen, how the activities add value to the students' understanding, what support teachers new to English can expect, and what assessment preparation will be included in the Cambridge Essential English for Queensland series.

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CUP: Why is it so valuable for each student to have access to their own copy of the textbook?

CUP: What support is provided for teachers who are new to / not trained in English?

CUP: How have the activities been structured to support students and cover the syllabus?

CUP: What kind of texts have we selected, and why?

CUP: How do we provide valuable support for assessment in the new syllabus?

CUP: What are we planning for the Units 3&4 book?

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