Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome
Using Evidence
Pamela Bradley
Year 11 / Year 12
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Detailed coverage of three crucial centuries in the history of the Roman people: the second and first centuries BC and the first century AD.


Ancient Rome: Using Evidence examines major issues including the development of the Roman republican form of government, Rome's expansion in the Mediterranean, the decline of the republic, the founding of the principate and the Julio-Claudian period.

  • Introductory chapters familiarise students with the source material and give them an understanding of those events and influences which played a large part in moulding the character of the Romans and the nature of their institutions.
  • Ancient sources and archaeological material serve both to describe events and to allow students to evaluate and interpret historical documents and pictorial evidence.
  • Exercises enable students to recognise differing interpretations, distinguish between fact and opinion and discern bias.
  • Guided assignments, revision exercises, suggestions for further reading, map summaries, diagrams and timelines extend the student's knowledge and appreciation of ancient Rome.
The text delivered in print format.

List of illustrations; List of maps;

Part 1. Introduction to Roman history:

1. The evidence

2. The geography of Italy and its influence on the development of Rome

3. The foundation and early development of Rome

4. Roman society in the early republic

Part 2. The Roman conquest of Italy and constitutional development:

5. Conquest and organisation

6. The plebeian struggle for equality and the government of Rome

Part 3. Rome's expansion in the Mediterranean (264-146) - Carthage, Macedonia, Greece, and Asia:

7. Background to the wars with Carthage

8. The First Punic War (264-241)

9. Background to the Second Punic War (229-218)

10. The Second Punic War (218-201

11. The Third Punic War (149-146)

12. Rome and the east (200-146)

13. The immediate and long-term effects of the wars of expansion

Part 4. The late republic - first phase (146-78):

14. The Gracchi, 15. Marius and Sulla

Part 5. The late republic - second phase (78-28):

16. The rise of Pompey and the period of his eastern commands (78-61)

17. From the First Triumvirate to the death of Caesar (60-44)

18. From republic to principate (44-28)

Part 6. Augustus and the Julio-Claudians (28 BC -AD 68)

19. The principate of Augustus (27 BC-AD 14)

20. The forums of Rome in the time of Augustus

21. The Julio-Claudian dynasty (AD 14-68):

22. Life in an imperial city in the first century AD

Notes to the text; Glossary; Bibliography; Acknowledgments; Index.

Pamela Bradley
Pamela has over 30 years experience in teaching history and is the author of a number of highly successful secondary textbooks published by Cambridge University Press.
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