Webinar recording: Making assessment work for students and teachers in Essential English

01 AUGUST 2022
Join Julie Arnold, highly respected educator and co-author of Cambridge Essential English for Queensland, as she explores ideas for assessment and learning strategies for the Essential English course.

More than 17,000 students study Essential English in Queensland, making it the second biggest subject in the English suite after General English. But it is arguably the most diverse cohort. Students are on a range of pathways, including vocational education, alternative education and university, and their learning needs are similarly complex. For instance, students with disability, impairment and/or medical conditions, or who experience other exceptional circumstances, may experience barriers in the form of gaps in continuity of learning, insufficient adjustments to teaching practices, and inflexible assessment arrangements.

This webinar draws on examples of practice from Cambridge Essential English for Queensland to explore:

  • the need for rigour and flexibility
  • principles and ideas for creative, accessible and effective summative task design for diverse learners
  • practical strategies for connecting classroom learning with successful assessment performance.

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