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24 JULY 2020
Term 2 was a busy time for users of our digital resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths and Edjin.

Remote learning and working from home drove us all to embrace digital alternatives. Our online resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths and Edjin saw a huge spike in usage with some pretty impressive numbers recorded for Term 2.

More than 3.6 million Scorcher questions (timed online quizzes) and 10.6 million Quiz questions have been answered across our digital resources in subjects like Maths and Science.


As the world’s oldest publisher, we have witnessed and become leaders in the evolution of educational resources in the classroom. Digital resources have advanced from basic add-on tools to become integrated in all aspects of teaching and learning and provide vital support to students of all learning abilities.

During the current health crisis, the proven and innovative digital capabilities in our integrated resources allowed teachers and students to seamlessly transition to online learning with our customer service and digital support teams always available to answer any query.

As the world embraces digital innovation both inside and outside of the classroom, resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths and Edjin will enhance the teaching, learning, assessment and reporting experience through integrated digital resources and a powerful Learning Management System. We are constantly improving and expanding our capabilities and bringing our digital expertise to more subject areas.

You can learn more about how to get the most out of your Cambridge digital resources by visiting our support pages here.

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