Extra pressure on teachers leads to less class preparation time

04 NOVEMBER 2016
A recent survey has revealed that teachers in some states are doing up to 15 hours of unpaid overtime a week.

Teachers are expected to tailor their classes to suit individual student needs, provide for students with disabilities, and give feedback on assignments to students on a regular basis. Add to this a situation where one in four teachers are teaching outside their area of expertise, and the pressure on teachers to provide comprehensive learning materials is intensified.

Do you require extra support to create effective and stimulating materials for your geography classes?

Geography NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Stage 4&5 is written by highly experienced Geography educators and has been designed to give teachers a range of activities and research tasks that help develop student skills and appeal to different learning styles without compromising depth and content.

The series includes extensive stimulus material such as videos, maps, and illustrations, inquiry-based activities, PowerPoint presentations, assessment lesson tasks with marking criteria, as well as clear scope and sequence charts for each topic, and suggested teaching programs outlining outcomes, key inquiry questions and content focus – that link directly back to the text.

Watch author Rex Cooke’s interview below as he outlines the unique strategies used in the teacher edition that allow teachers to engage their students in the new syllabus in a range of ways.

Rex Cooke_600.jpg

Read more about the survey

More information about Geography NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum

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