Introduction to the Alternate Version of Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum

Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum Alternate Version is a digital only option for schools with specific requirements in teaching Health and Physical Education.

In this Alternate Version, selected content has been reframed in some chapters.

This is an Alternate Version of a text designed to support the teaching and learning of the National Health and Physical Education Curriculum in Australian Secondary Schools. The Alternate Version is similar in many respects to the Original Version which aims to support teachers and students in schools across the nation. However, this Alternate Version is modified to address the needs of those schools whose teaching of Health and Physical Education is significantly impacted by a particular religious tradition together with the characteristic beliefs and values that the religious tradition affirm and espouse.

The Alternate Version recognises that many students, families and school communities identify values, beliefs and traditions, including those grounded in a religious tradition as orientating, enabling, and empowering. It further recognises that values, beliefs and traditions held by students, families and school communities act as sources of guidance and as resources for lifelong healthy, active living.

Conservative groups, whether from religious traditions or otherwise, may find the Alternate Version assists them in making a positive educational synthesis between the content and concepts of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum and the values and beliefs of their particular religious tradition. The aim of the Alternate Version has not been to narrow or limit the educational scope and potential of the curriculum but rather to deepen and widen teaching and learning by integrating a religious, cultural and spiritual dimension where that is relevant and helpful. Nor was precedence given to a specific religious tradition over the myriad of religious traditions observed and practiced in Australia. Rather the Alternate Version aimed to add focus to this ground breaking resource such that a space for values, beliefs and traditions including religious traditions was emphasised.

A major feature of the Alternate Version is that it honours the integrity of the Original Version and of the National Health and Physical Education Curriculum while explicitly referencing, where relevant, beliefs, values and religious traditions that are a significant context for learning in schools with a religious affiliation. This Alternate Version assists both students and teachers to teach and learn effectively and authentically in a variety of health and physical education related learning contexts in the light of their values, beliefs and traditions.

As consultants, we were careful to honour the outstanding work by the team of specialist authors assembled by Cambridge University Press to write the Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum series. In modifying the parent text we engaged in a collaborative process, providing advice and support, thereby respecting and honouring the vast experience and specialisation of the team of authors whilst advocating, mediating and enabling a space for values, beliefs and traditions including those grounded in a religious tradition, held by diverse peoples in Australia.

We hope and pray that this Alternate Version both honours and enhances the noble intentions of the Health and Physical Education Project and facilitates an engaging personal and educational journey in the Health and Physical Education learning area.

Dylan Chown and Graeme Barry
Series Consultants

- -

Dylan Chown is a Research Fellow and the Program Director for Islamic Education at the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE), University of South Australia. He coordinates the Master of Teaching (Islamic pedagogy specialisation) program and is involved in a number of research projects involving the design and development of Australian Islamic Studies Curriculum. Dylan is also a course facilitator and member of the Islamic Teacher Education Program (ITEP) – a global project of RAZI Education. Through ITEP he has presented on his experiences designing and delivering Relationship and Sexuality Education programs in Islamic Schools. He is a former principal of a Madrassah (after-school religious school) where he led a ground breaking school improvement project involving curriculum renewal for Islamic Studies P - 12. Dylan’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Education from Queensland University of Technology, with a double major in physical education and health education. He holds a Master of Education (Leadership) from Griffith University, National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies (NCEIS). Currently Dylan is completing his PhD at the University of South Australia with a focus on Islamic School Renewal.

Dylan worked in a range of diverse contexts in the field of Health and Physical Education for almost twenty years. He was the founding Head of Department at the Islamic College of Brisbane. Dylan was recognised by ACHPER with a Secondary Teacher Award in part for his work in designing and developing high quality programs aligning curriculum and the needs of Australian Muslim students. He has extensive experience in syllabus writing, work program and assessment practices as a former Regional Panelist for the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Dylan was a State Manager for BlackBase – Youth Development and Mentoring Organisation, specialising in the design and delivery of educational packages and programs relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander games. He worked on curriculum and program packages for Queensland Health, Sport & Recreation Queensland and the Australian Sports Commission. Whilst Manager, BlackBase received an award at the prestigious Premier Awards for Reconciliation. Dylan has also authored and co-authored a number of resource materials or chapters for textbooks aligned to curriculum. There include, Woomeras and Wellbeing – a resource for embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, for QLD Health; Traditional Games, for MacMillan Publishing; and Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum 7 & 8, for Cambridge University Press.

Graeme Barry is a highly experienced educator and consultant. He is the former Principal Education Officer: Religious Education at Brisbane Catholic Education where he was involved with the development of Religious Education Curriculum P-12 and with projects on Relationship and Sexuality Education for Catholic Schools. Graeme is currently an Education Consultant on projects related to Religious Education in Catholic Schools.

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