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Specialist Mathematics for the AC Year 11


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New Cambridge Senior Maths resources developed to meet the needs of the Australian Curriculum and its variants in WA, SA, TAS and ACT.

Cambridge Senior Mathematics: Australian Curriculum is an authoritative series for the Australian Curriculum that builds on a proven maths teaching and learning formula while incorporating the content and assessment requirements that characterise senior curricula in WA, SA, TAS and ACT.

  • This new series combines logical topic development with a wealth of examples, exercises, exam-style questions and a focus on what is important to guide students to success in their senior maths studies.
  • Series consultants, selected for their strong understanding of particular state curricula, have ensured that the content matches the Australian Curriculum, and curriculum grids with supporting teaching notes ar e available for WA, SA, ACT and TAS.
  • Carefully developed creative and rigorous questions help students understand concepts, develop mathematical skills, apply maths to real life contexts and prepare for assessment.
  • A new level of digital support, power ed by Cambridge HOTmaths, allows effortless and immediate navigation within the Interactive Textbook to interactive animations, video examples, complete worked solutions (solutions must be switched on by a connected teaching account), worksheets, automarked questions, online testing and a powerful Learning Management System (LMS).

Series Consultants: Jan Honnens, Martin Ruane & Joy Scott

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  1. Create or log in to your Cambridge GO account
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  3. Select the product you would like to connect to your Cambridge GO account

  4. Enter your existing Essential Mathematics or Cambridge Senior Mathematics username and password. (These will have been provided to you when your account was set up).

All of your resources will now appear in one place, when you log in to Cambridge GO.


Michael Evans, Kay Lipson, Douglas Wallace, David Treeby