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Specialist Mathematics VCE Units 3&4


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This resource is freely available and can be accessed directly by clicking on the link below. 
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This resource was originally developed  as a CD-ROM by the Victorian Board of Studies and Cambridge University Press, to create a digital  copy of VCE Mathematics Common Assessment Task (CAT)  Investigative Project and Challenging Problem materials (1989 – 1999), and to provide illustrative examples of how these could be drawn on to assist teachers to devise their own tasks for school assessed cousrework (SACs). It has now been made available in on-line format so that teachers can continue to access and use these materials. 

VCE Mathematics school assessed coursework tasks are to be devised  to meet the requirements of the VCE Mathematics study design (2016 – 2020). Teachers should also refer to  the VCAA Advice for Teachers  which can be accessed from the relevant VCE Mathematics study page.

VCE Further Mathematics study page      
VCE Mathematical Methods study page 
VCE Specialist Mathematics study page

The copyright attributed to School Assessed Coursework Resource (2000) ISBN 0-521 77560 -4 is jointly owned by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA; formerly Victorian Board of Studies) and Cambridge University Press/authors. Excepting third-party elements, schools may use this resource in accordance with the VCAA educational allowance. For more information go to:  Use of this content beyond the scope of the VCAA’s educational allowance is governed by the Copyright Act 1968 or by express permission from Cambridge University Press and the VCAA.  

Developed with the support of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (formerly the Victorian Board of Studies) to assist teachers in devising suitable application tasks for coursework assessment in VCE Mathematics at the Unit 3& 4 level.

Cambridge University Press
Michael Evans
Kay Lipson
Sue Avery, Karen Baker, Linda Ball, Margaret Clayton, John Dowsey, Les Evans, Wayne Farrell, Marj. Horne, Gaye Williams.

School Assessed Coursework Resource

Specialist Maths SAC Resource [Zipped Word docs 78.9Mb]

To access the digital edition powered by Cambridge HOTmaths, go to:

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  • Developed from the popular Cambridge Essential Mathematics VCE series, the new series combines logical topic development with a wealth of examples, exercises, exam-style questions and a focus on what is important to guide students to VCE success.
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Michael Evans, Neil Cracknell, Josian Astruc, Kay Lipson, Peter Jones