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Senior Ancient History for Queensland


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An inquiry approach to appreciating our ancient past for the new Queensland Ancient History syllabus.

Written explicitly for the new Queensland Ancient History syllabus by a highly experienced team of curriculum developers and practising teachers, Senior Ancient History for Queenslandcombines a source-based inquiry approach with selective narrative content to place each inquiry in context and bring history to life.

  • The series covers the most popular topics in depth, plus all individuals from the People, Power and Authority unit, and provides flexible topic options to cover external assessment requirements.
  • Activities are explicitly labelled and structured around the syllabus objectives which require students to use a range of cognitive processes – to Comprehend, Devise, Analyse, Synthesise, Evaluate and Create – ensuring they are building each of these essential skills.
  • Extensive assessment support will help prepare students for both internal assessment and the new external assessment component of the syllabus. It includes chapter summaries, short-response questions, assessment-style extended-response questions, plus a dedicated digital assessment chapter with assessment-style questions and suggested responses.


To view a sample chapter, click on the file below in blue.

PDFs updated 20 February 2019.


Complete PDF Textbook

  • Full PDF Textbook [PDF 112.5Mb]

PDF Textbook chapters

  • Preliminary pages [PDF 3.2Mb]

  • Chapter 1: Digging up the past [PDF 10.8Mb]

  • Chapter 2: Slavery in Roman society 753-133 BCE

  • Chapter 3: Weapons and warfare of the Vikings 700-1100 CE [PDF 5.7Mb]

  • Chapter 4: The family in Spartan society [PDF 2.6Mb]

  • Chapter 5: Beliefs, rituals and funerary practices in Egypt during the Ramesside period (19th and 20th Dynasties) [PDF 6.0Mb]

  • Chapter 6: Hatshepsut [PDF 4.5Mb]

  • Chapter 7: Akhenaten [PDF 3.0Mb]

  • Chapter 8: Agrippina the Younger [PDF 3.3Mb]

  • Chapter 11: Fifth-century Athens (BCE) [PDF 8.3Mb]

  • Chapter 12: Philip II and Alexander III of Macedon [PDF 4.9Mb]

  • Chapter 13: Early imperial Rome [PDF 4.3Mb]

  • Chapter 14: Pompeii and Herculaneum [PDF 6.6Mb]

  • Chapter 16: Ancient Rome: civil war and the breakdown of the Republic [PDF 5.3Mb]

  • Chapter 18: Rameses II [PDF 3.6Mb]

  • Chapter 19: Themistokles [PDF 4.0Mb]

  • Chapter 23: Augustus [PDF 4.3Mb]

  • Index [PDF 0.4Mb]

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The PDF Textbook is designed for full functionality using the latest version of Adobe Reader. The markup function is available in selected PDF readers for the iPad and other devices using iOS. Check your PDF reader specifications. At the time of publication, Adobe Reader, Good Reader and PDF Expert were viable options.

Note that some PDF file names may comprise the ISBN and chapter number.


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    Full title now available.

    Full title now available. You must log in and have a subscription to access the full product.

    Digital chapters added 22 March 2019

    Please note: the digital-only chapters were added to the interactive textbook in March 2019. If you created annotations within the interactive textbook, their locations may have been affected when the digital-only chapters are inserted.

    Now available

    Now available


    Alan Barrie, Michael Cocks, Sarah Coleman, Simon Corvan, Jenna Haywood, Ben Hegerty, Rowan Hofmeister, Diana Platt, Rashna Taraporewalla, Glenn Davies