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Monumental Humanities 1


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Monumental Humanities will ignite student interest and develop complex reasoning, problem-solving, fieldwork, and analysis skills.

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The complete Teacher Resource Package contains:

  • Activities
  • Assessment tests
  • Criteria 
  • Tests
  • World Map


Monumental Humanities 1&2 Teacher CD Content

MH1 - Activities

MH1 - Assessment Tasks

MH1 - Criteria

MH1 - Tests

MH2 - Activities

MH2 - Assessment Tasks

MH2 -

MH2 - Tests

MH1&2 - World Map

Monumental Humanities 3 Teacher CD Content

MH3 - Activities

MH3 - Assessment Tasks

MH3 - Criteria

MH3 - Tests

Now available

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Sovereign Hill website

Chapter 3

Victorian Trades Hall Council

Chapter 4

Parliament of Australia
Federal Parliament
Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library

Chapter 5

Australian War Memorial

Chapter 6

The Bradman Foundation

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Chapter 9

Great Barrier Reef


Howstuffworks How Oil Refining Works
NIEHS Reduse, Reuse and Recycle
Culture and Recreation Portal The Great Depression
Australian Securities Exchange


Australian Bureau of Statistics
Parks Victoria Education
Department of Sustainability and Environment (VIC)
The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
Bureau of Meteorology
Department of Primary Industries (VIC)
Australian Antarctic Division

Chapter 10

World Tourism Organisation
Ecotourism Association of Australia
Tourism Australia

Chapter 11

United Nations
United Nations Development Program
Central Intelligence Agency
International Monetary Fund
Australian Bureau of Statistics

Chapter 12

Test Yourself Unit 3 Economic Activity

Chapter 13

Department of Climate Change
Federation Square
Australian Council of Trade Unions

Chapter 14

National Australia Bank

Civics and Citizenship

Discovering Democracy Units
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
KidsView: Parliament in Focus

Monumental Humanities 2 - Medieval Civilisations

Viking Answer Lady Viking Arms and Armor
Virtually Virtual Iceland Hvaml

Monumental Humanities 1 History - Ancient Civilisations


Julie Findlay, David Mallia, Richard Malone, Michelle Schwarz