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Investigating Legal Studies for Queensland Second Edition


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Written by experienced Queensland teachers and legal practitioners, Investigating Legal Studies for Queensland Second Editioncomprehensively covers the new Legal Studies syllabus and develops the necessary analysis and evaluation skills students need for success in their internal and external assessments. 

What’s new in this edition:

  • Complete coverage of the new curriculum including restructured content with teacher support on approaching the new structure.
  • Engaging new, contemporary case studies, and updated examples and legislation ensure students can confidently understand, access and contribute to the legal system. 
  • Extensive Review and Research activities to test students’ comprehension of the topic and encourage deeper investigation and analysis as they prepare for assessment.
  • Comprehensive assessment support including summaries, unit reviews and a range of activities to help prepare students for internal and external assessment. 

What we’ve kept that you loved:

  • An inquiry approach to Legal Studies
  • Written by practising Legal Studies teachers
  • Student-focused explanations and definitions
  • Flexible and innovative print and digital resources that can be combined to suit the needs of schools and their students

To view a sample chapter, click on the file below in blue.

PDFs updated 18 January 2019.

Complete PDF Textbook

  • Complete PDF Textbook [PDF 111.8Mb]

PDF Textbook chapters

  • Preliminary pages [PDF 1.4Mb]

  • Chapter 1: Legal foundations [PDF 8.5Mb]

  • Chapter 2: Criminal investigation process [PDF 7Mb]

  • Chapter 3: Criminal trial process [PDF 5.9Mb]

  • Chapter 4: Punishment and sentencing [PDF 6.9Mb]

  • Chapter 5: Civil law foundations [PDF 7.9Mb]

  • Chapter 6: Contractual obligations 1 [PDF 5.1Mb]

  • Chapter 7: Contractual obligations 2 [PDF 10.3Mb]

  • Chapter 8: Negligence and duty of care [PDF 8.6Mb]

  • Chapter 9: Governance in Australia 1 [PDF 12.4Mb]

  • Chapter 10: Governance in Australia 2 [PDF 12.4Mb]

  • Chapter 11: Law reform within a dynamic society 1 [PDF 10.5Mb]

  • Chapter 12: Law reform within a dynamic society 2 [PDF 9.1Mb]

  • Chapter 13: Human rights part 1 - general [PDF 9.8Mb]

  • Chapter 14: Human rights part 2 - international context [PDF 10.6Mb]

  • Chapter 15: The effectiveness of international law [PDF 15.3Mb]

  • Chapter 16: Human rights in Australian contexts [PDF10.8Mb]

  • Glossary and Index [PDF 4.6Mb]

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    The complete Teacher Resource Package contains:

    • Additional activities and solutions
    • Chapter and Unit review solutions
    • PowerPoints
    • Textbook activity suggested solutions
    • MockCourt
    • Webquests

    Full package

    Investigating Legal Studies 2ed complete package [Zipped word docs 7.6Mb]

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    Word activities - all chapters

    Word activities - all chapters [Zipped word docs 26.9Mb]

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    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Australian Bureau of Statistics
    Australian Legal Information Institute
    John C Reilly monologue - Magnolia

    Chapter 3

    Southport Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Court

    Chapter 4

    Sentencing Council of Queensland

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 7

    Queensland Office of Fair Trading

    Chapter 8

    Chapter 9

    How Government Works - State and Territory Government

    Chapter 10

    National Museum of Australia
    Australian Council of Trade Unions
    Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General
    A Short Documentary on the High Court of Australia

    Chapter 11

    Australian Institute of Criminology
    Parliament of Australia

    Chapter 12

    Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption
    Parliament of Australia - Senate
    Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse

    Chapter 13

    Department of Immigration and Citizenship

    Chapter 14

    Australian Human Rights Commission
    World Health Organisation
    Amnesty International

    Chapter 15

    United Nations Security Council
    World Legal Information Institute
    UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Chapter 16

    Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland
    Queensland Government
    State Library of New South Wales

    6 December 2018

    Chapter 2, p 48, Research 2.4. Question 1(b)
    Text in brackets should read s 323 (and not s 232)

    Chapter 7, p 185, Research 7.3
    The activity has been replaced. Revised version:

    One consumer guarantee – the goods will be of acceptable quality (CCA, s 54) – is similarly mentioned in section 17C of the Sale of Goods Act 1896 (Qld) as an implied condition, namely, the goods shall be of merchantable quality.


    1 Research the SOGA (Qld) and list any warranties or conditions similar in nature to the consumer guarantees (applying to goods) contained in the CCA.  (S)

    2   Outline the differences between the SOGA and the CCA and clarify why there appears to be some similarities in the content of certain warranties/guarantees (in relation to the sale of goods) in federal and state legislation. (C, A)

    Chapter 13.1 p. 365, Table 13.2

    Dots in table updated and URL in footer deleted.


    Stephen Lippingwell, Amy Thompson, Leon Harris, Kim Gibson, Joel Thomas, Donald Smith