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Investigating Legal Studies for Queensland


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Investigating Legal Studies for Queensland has been written by experienced practising Queensland teachers to reflect the inquiry-based model of learning in the new syllabus.

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Updated 14 August 2014.

To view a sample chapter, click on the file below in blue.

PDF Textbook chapters

  • Preliminary pages [3.0Mb PDF]

  • Topic 1: The Legal System [6.9Mb PDF]

  • Topic 2: Civil Obligations [11.5Mb PDF]

  • Topic 3: Human rights [9.5Mb PDF]

  • Topic 4: Criminal Law [14.4Mb PDF]

  • Topic 5: Civil Wrongs (Torts) and the Law [14.9Mb PDF]

  • Topic 6: Employment and the Law [9.1Mb PDF]

  • Topic 7: Environment and the Law [6.6Mb PDF]

  • Topic 8: Family and the Law [13.6Mb PDF]

  • Topic 9: Housing and the Law [12.5Mb PDF]

  • Topic 10: Indigenous Australians and the Law [PDF 6.5Mb]

  • Topic 11: International Law [9.6Mb PDF]

  • Topic 12: Sport and the Law [12.6Mb PDF]

  • Topic 13: Technology and the Law [9.7Mb PDF]

  • Appendix, Glossary and Index [2.1Mb PDF]

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    Word activities

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    Chapter 1

    Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    Queensland Independent Complaints Agencies
    Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel

    Chapter 3

    Department of Immigration and Citizenship

    Chapter 4

    Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law

    Chapter 5

    Hospital admits negligence - YouTube

    Chapter 6

    Department of Justice and Attorney-General QLD Pdf: How to manage work health and safety risks
    Australian Bureau of Statistics

    Chapter 7

    Stand up for the Burra campaign
    United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

    Chapter 8

    Australasian Legal Information Institute
    Public Trustee Qld

    Chapter 9

    Chapter 10

    Chapter 11

    World Legal Information Institute
    UN Office of Drugs and Crime
    Australian Federal Police
    United Nations
    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading
    United Nations law section
    The Hague Justice Portal
    International Criminal Court
    Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization

    Chapter 12

    Chapter 13


    Anthony Dosen, Tanya Ballantyne, Marcia Brumpton, Kim Gibson, Leon Harris, Stephen Lippingwell, Christine Mills, Don Smith, Johanna Whiting