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Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum Years 9&10 Alternate Version


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If your school does not cover some of the areas in Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum we offer an Alternate Version as a digital-only option. In this Alternate Version, selected content has been reframed in some chapters.

Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum Alternate Version is designed to support the teaching and learning of the National Health and Physical Education Curriculum in Australian Secondary Schools that follow religious or cultural traditions. The Alternate Version is similar in many respects to the Original Version, which aims to support teachers and students in schools across the nation, however the Alternate Version is modified to address the needs of those schools whose teaching of Health and Physical Education is significantly impacted by a particular religious tradition, together with the characteristic beliefs and values espoused and affirmed by that religious tradition.

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Full PDF Textbook

  • Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum 9&10 Alternate Version [PDF 25.3mb]

PDF Textbook chapters

  • Preliminary material [PDF 1.1mb]

  • Chapter 1: Shaping identity [PDF 2.4mb]

  • Chapter 2: Decisions, decisions [PDF 1.2mb]

  • Chapter 3: Looking out for each other [PDF 1.9mb]

  • Chapter 4: Healthy and safe choices [PDF 2.8mb]

  • Chapter 5: Respectful relationships [PDF 1.6mb]

  • Chapter 6: Positive emotions [PDF 1.5mb]

  • Chapter 7: Evaluating health information [PDF 1.9mb]

  • Chapter 8: Community action for wellbeing [PDF 1.1mb]

  • Chapter 9: Country, place and physical activity [PDF 2.9mb]

  • Chapter 10: Community health and wellbeing [PDF 1.5mb]

  • Chapter 11: Perfecting practice [PDF 1.8mb]

  • Chapter 12: Success through movement [PDF 1.5mb]

  • Chapter 13: Fit for purpose [PDF 1.6mb]

  • Chapter 14: Bodies in motion [PDF 1.9mb]

  • Chapter 15: Active Australians [PDF 2.2mb]

  • Chapter 16: Working together [PDF 2.1mb]

  • Chapter 17: Ethical behaviours in sport [PDF 2.1mb]

  • Chapter 18: Transferring skills [PDF 1.2mb]

  • Glossary and index [PDF 0.5mb]

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    Chapter 1

    Raising Children: talking to teens interactive guide
    TeensHealth: Talking to your parents or other adults What to do when someone doesn't want help

    Chapter 2 Conflict in relationships

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 5

    Love: the good, the bad and the ugly

    Chapter 6

    Cyber Safety Solutions: Internet safety tips for secondary students
    Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner

    Chapter 7

    Healthdirect: Health information online
    MedlinePlus: Evaluating internet health information: A tutorial from the National Library of Medicin

    Chapter 11

    Australian Institute of Sport: Adapting and modifying for people with disability part one

    Chapter 13

    Kotaku: Wii Fit and Wii Sports exercise weighed and measured

    Chapter 14

    NASA: Newton's Laws of Motion 1. Force and inertia

    Chapter 18

    The Guardian: How would the world's best squash players fare at Wimbledon? Not well

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    Glenn Amezdroz, Michelle Nemec, Jo Butterworth, Christopher Hall, Brendan Moy, Michael Cook, Dylan Chown, Graeme Barry