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Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum Years 7&8


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Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum is a complete resource package that encourages students to develop skills, knowledge and strategies in order to make healthy, safe and active choices in their lives.

Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum covers the two curriculum content strands - Personal, social and community health and Movement and physical activity - by drawing on the five interrelated propositions that have shaped this curriculum:

  • to provide a wide range of opportunities for students to develop, practice, apply and evaluate key health and movement knowledge, understanding and skills (to focus on educative purposes)
  • to support students to make healthy, safe and active choices (to take a strengths based approach)
  • to value the development of movement skills and concepts students need to confidently and ably participate in physical activity (to value movement)
  • to enhance students’ ability to access, understand and use health information (to develop health literacy)
  • to encourage students to critically research, apply, analyse and evaluate information, ideas, issues, contexts and influences (to include a critical inquiry approach)

This complete resource package for the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education integrates the key curriculum focus areas, together with general capabilities, cross-curricula priorities and links to other learning areas, as it explores key contemporary issues.

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Full PDF Textbook

  • Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum 7&8 [PDF 40.7mb]

PDF Textbook chapters

  • Preliminary pages [PDF 2.7mb]

  • Chapter 1: Who am I? [PDF 4.7mb]

  • Chapter 2: Managing change and transition [PDF 3.4mb]

  • Chapter 3: Seeking help [PDF 3.2mb]

  • Chapter 4: Healthy and safe choices [PDF 2.9mb]

  • Chapter 5: Benefits of relationships [PDF 2.2mb]

  • Chapter 6: Manage yourself, support others [PDF 2.4mb]

  • Chapter 7: Skills for your health [PDF 3.5mb]

  • Chapter 8: Wellbeing in my community [PDF 2.6mb]

  • Chapter 9: Connecting with the outdoors [PDF 3.9mb]

  • Chapter 10: You, me, we - valuing diversity and promoting inclusivity [PDF 5.5mb]

  • Chapter 11: Specialised movement skills [PDF 2.9mb]

  • Chapter 12: Movement for performance [PDF 1.8mb]

  • Chapter 13: Becoming a thinking player [PDF 2.3mb]

  • Chapter 14: The social, health and skill-related benefits of physical activity [PDF 2.9mb]

  • Chapter 15: Enhancing performance [PDF 2.5mb]

  • Chapter 16: Where do games come from? [PDF 4.2mb]

  • Chapter 17: Being a good sport [PDF 2.9mb]

  • Chapter 18: Learning on the move [PDF 1.8mb]

  • Chapter 19: Let's join in [PDF 2.6mb]

  • Glossary and index [PDF 0.9mb]

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    Chapter 2

    Reach Out: Visiting a GP
    Dietitians Association of Australia: Healthy Eating Self-Assessment
    Medline Plus: Evaluating Health Information: A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine
    Health Direct: Health Information Online
    Kids Helpline: Family Relationships Information Sheet

    Chapter 3

    Australian Red Cross: RediPlan Disaster Preparedness
    NSW State Emergency Service: Home Emergency Plan

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 5

    Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner: eSafety Information

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 7

    Chapter 8

    Eat for Health: The Guidelines

    Chapter 9

    Leave No Trace Australia: 7 Principles of Leave No Trace

    Chapter 11

    Science of Sports Performance: Feedback: Knowledge of Performance

    Chapter 12

    The Coach's Clipboard: Basketball Defense Zone Defense

    Chapter 13

    Sports Training Adviser: The Transfer Principle for Sports Training
    Human Kinetics: Guidelines for Helping Athletes Develop Tactical Skills

    Chapter 14

    Harvard Business Review: Maintaining Physical, Social and Mental Fitness for Peak Performance

    Chapter 15

    From Stargazers to Starships: Newton's Laws of Motion
    Wired: The Physics of a Record Breaking Long Jump

    Chapter 16

    Australian Sports Commission: Yalunga Traditional Indigenous Games
    Australian Sports Commission: Yulunga Traditional Indigenous Games

    Chapter 19

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    The complete Teacher Resource Package includes:

    • PowerPoints
    • Suggested solutions
    • Additional activities and answers
    • Curriculum and planning document
    • Acknowledgements


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    Complete package


    Sue Dickens, Michelle Nemec, Jo Butterworth, Dylan Chown, Toby Priest, Christopher Hall