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Economics, Business, Civics and Citizenship 10 Second Edition


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Economics, Business, Civics and Citizenship Second Edition continues to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills students require to participate as active, engaged and informed citizens and consumers within the community, Australia and the world. It now offers a new level of digital support to bring the topics to life and provide teachers with valuable task-management, testing and reporting tools.

New in this Edition:

  • Covering all content from the Australian Curriculum this second edition contains fully updated case-studies and media articles to ensure students are engaging with the most up-to-date material available.
  • The new digital resources, powered by Edjin*, include the tried and tested Learning Management System, offering comprehensive and time-saving reporting tools, a task manager, and a test-generator to support teachers.
  • The Interactive Textbook engages students with the content through rich media, interactive activities and a competition-based Scorcher quiz.

What we’ve kept:

  • The range of different activities including research, investigation and case studies caters for different learning styles and abilities. 
  • End-of-chapter materials help students reflect and consolidate their learning and prepare them for success in future studies, while helping teachers ensure all curriculum content is covered successfully. 

* Edjin is a comprehensive teaching and learning platform featuring an interactive online textbook with rich digital resources for students, and a powerful Learning Management System with time-saving reporting and task management for teachers.

Full PDF Textbook

  • Complete textbook [PDF 63.7Mb]

PDF Textbook chapters

  • Preliminary pages [PDF 1.8Mb]

  • Chapter 1 - Indicators of economic performance and how Australias economy is performing [PDF 7.4Mb]

  • Chapter 2 - Links between economic performance and living standards, and how and why variations exist [PDF 9.8Mb]

  • Chapter 3 - Governments management of economic performance to improve living standards [PDF 6.6Mb]

  • Chapter 4 - Factors influencing major consumer and financial decisions [PDF 2.9Mb]

  • Chapter 5 - Managing a business to respond to changing economic conditions and to improve its productivity [PDF 4.7Mb]

  • Chapter 6 - Government and democracy [PDF 8.9Mb]

  • Chapter 7 - Laws and citizens [PDF 6.6Mb]

  • Chapter 8 - Citizenship, diversity and identity [PDF 6.3Mb]

  • Glossary [PDF 0.1Mb]

  • Index [PDF 0.3Mb]

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    Chapter 2

    Chapter 5


    Julie Cain, Tony Kuc, Gillian Somers