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Cambridge Visual Arts


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Written specifically for NSW and closely follows the Stage 4 syllabus with special emphasis on the concepts, frames and conceptual framework.

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The PDF Textbook is available for purchase separately or in a bundle with other resources in the series. The access code may be delivered in a sealed pocket, or supplied via email or by your school, and provides access to:

  • PDF Textbook
  • Weblinks

To view a sample chapter, please click on the file below in blue.

This Digital Option is available for purchase separately.

PDF Textbook chapters

Preliminary pages [PDF 0.9Mb]

Chapter 1: Need to know [PDF 1.2Mb]

Chapter 2: Practice I: expressive forms [PDF 6.2Mb]

Chapter 3: Conceptual framework I: Rosalie Gascoigne [PDF 1.3Mb]

Chapter 4: Frames I: An introduction [PDF 1.1Mb]

Chapter 5: Representation I: Subject matter and forms [PDF 0.9Mb]

Chapter 6: Conceptual strength and meaning: Meaning and artwork [PDF 1.0Mb]

Chapter 7: Resolution I: Culture and art [PDF 0.8Mb]

Chapter 8: Practice II: The search for perfection [PDF 1.0Mb]

Chapter 9: Conceptual framework II: Ken Unsworth [PDF 0.9Mb]

Chapter 10: Frames II: Interpreting art [PDF 1.0Mb]

Chapter 11: Representation II: Artist perspectives [PDF 0.9Mb]

Chapter 12: Assessment [PDF 0.7Mb]

Glossary and references [PDF 0.6Mb]

Now available


The photograph of My Le Thi’s work was taken at the Bon Mau Co Ban exhibition at
Adelaide Perry Gallery, Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney 2003.

Student CD

The Student CD was designed to run in Windows XP or Mac OS X. If you are using a different operating system and you are unable to access the files through the CD interface/menu, you can access and view the CD content via Windows Explorer (or Finder on Mac) using the following steps:

  • Insert the CD then exit out of it.
  • Navigate to your CD drive and then to the 'media' folder.
  • Within the media folder you can see the textbook PDF file - you can copy this file onto your desktop and then open it directly with Adobe Reader, with which you can change views of the pages.


Marianne Hulsbosch (Consulting Editor), Paul FitzGerald, Kim Isgro-Attwood, Ian Randall, Graham Schultz