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Cambridge VCE English Units 1&2


To access your resources Log in or create your Cambridge GO account Activate your resources by entering the access code found in the front of your print textbook, sealed pocket or supplied via email.

Cambridge VCE English combines in-depth deconstruction of all assessable course elements with a variety of engaging activities that cater for individual differences in the senior English classroom to create a stimulating student text that comprehensively teaches all aspects of the current VCE English study design.

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Teachers with a Cambridge GO teacher account will have access to the following free resources:

  • Additional resources

All resources

Download all resources [Zip 1.1mb]


Narrative text cheat sheet [Word; 48 KB]

Text quiz [Word; 40 KB]

Scene analysis chart [Word; 44 KB]

Theme map [Word; 40 KB]

Introductions to essays [Word; 40 KB]

Macbeth essay [Word; 44 KB]

Montana 1948 essay [Word; 40 KB]

Running sheet [Word; 44 KB]

Screen stuff quiz [Word; 40 KB]

Storyboard template [Word; 48 KB]

Audience list [Word; 40 KB]

Purpose list [Word; 40 KB]

Ten-minute text review [Word; 52 KB]

Text reflection [Word; 40 KB]

Web text review [Word; 52 KB]

Dead easy editing quiz [Word; 40 KB]

PIE review sheet [Word; 44 KB]

Mega media quiz [Word; 56 KB]

Style guide reference [PDF; 1 MB]


Andrea Hayes