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Cambridge Studies of Religion Stage 6 Second Edition


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Guides students to a greater understanding of the origins, beliefs, text, ethics, practices and people of the world’s most wide-reaching religions.

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Third Edition of this title also now available.

18 August 2011

To view a sample chapter, click on the file below in blue.

PDF Textbook chapters

  • Preliminary pages

  • Chapter 1 The nature of religion

  • Chapter 2 Religion in Australia: Pre-1945

  • Chapter 3 Religion in Australia: Post-1945

  • Chapter 4 Buddhism: the basic facts

  • Chapter 5 Buddhism: depth study

  • Chapter 6 Christianity: the basic facts

  • Chapter 7 Christianity: depth study

  • Chapter 8 Hinduism: the basic facts

  • Chapter 9 Hinduism: depth study

  • Chapter 10 Islam: the basic facts

  • Chapter 11 Islam: depth study

  • Chapter 12 Judaism: the basic facts

  • Chapter 13 Judaism: depth study

  • Chapter 14 Religions of ancient origin

  • Chapter 15 Religion and peace

  • Chapter 16 Religion and non-religion

Study Toolkit

  • Study Toolkit

You are entitled to download and store these PDFs. However they may not be transferred to another party, including other students, as electronic or print versions.

To use the enhanced PDF functions, such as note taking, you must download these PDFs to your computer and open them with Adobe Reader 9 or later.

The PDF Textbook is designed for full functionality using the latest version of Adobe Reader. The markup function is available in selected PDF readers for the iPad and other devices using iOS. Check your PDF reader specifications. At the time of publication, Adobe Reader, Good Reader and PDF Expert were viable options.

Note that some PDF file names may comprise the ISBN and chapter number.


You must have Adobe Reader installed to view the PDF files.


    Now available

    These activities are available to users of the printed textbook.

    Photocopying is restricted under law and these activities must not be transferred to another party as an electronic or print version.

    All activities

    Download all activities [Zip 6.1mb]

    Chapter 1

    Activity 1.1

    Activity 1.2

    Activity 1.3

    Activity 1.4

    Activity 1.5

    Activity 1.6

    Activity 1.7

    Chapter 2

    Activity 2.1

    Activity 2.2

    Activity 2.3

    Activity 2.4

    Chapter 3

    Activity 3.1

    Activity 3.2

    Activity 3.3

    Activity 3.4

    Activity 3.5

    Chapter 4

    Activity 4.1

    Activity 4.2

    Activity 4.3

    Activity 4.4

    Activity 4.5

    Chapter 5

    Activity 5.1

    Activity 5.2

    Activity 5.3

    Activity 5.4

    Activity 5.5

    Activity 5.6

    Activity 5.7

    Activity 5.8

    Chapter 6

    Activity 6.1

    Activity 6.2

    Activity 6.3

    Activity 6.4

    Activity 6.5

    Activity 6.6

    Activity 6.7

    Chapter 7

    Activity 7.1

    Activity 7.2

    Activity 7.3

    Activity 7.4

    Activity 7.5

    Activity 7.6

    Activity 7.7

    Activity 7.8

    Chapter 8

    Activity 8.1

    Activity 8.2

    Activity 8.3

    Activity 8.4

    Activity 8.5

    Activity 8.6

    Chapter 9

    Activity 9.1

    Activity 9.2

    Activity 9.3

    Activity 9.4

    Activity 9.5

    Activity 9.6

    Activity 9.7

    Activity 9.8

    Chapter 10

    Activity 10.1

    Activity 10.2

    Activity 10.3

    Activity 10.4

    Activity 10.5

    Activity 10.6

    Activity 10.7

    Chapter 11

    Activity 11.1

    Activity 11.2

    Activity 11.3

    Activity 11.4

    Activity 11.5

    Activity 11.6

    Activity 11.7

    Activity 11.8

    Chapter 12

    Activity 12.1

    Activity 12.2

    Activity 12.3

    Activity 12.4

    Activity 12.5

    Activity 12.6

    Chapter 13

    Activity 13.1

    Activity 13.2

    Activity 13.3

    Activity 13.4

    Activity 13.5

    Activity 13.6

    Activity 13.7

    Activity 13.8

    Chapter 14

    Activity 14.1

    Activity 14.2

    Activity 14.3

    Activity 14.4

    Chapter 15

    Activity 15.1

    Activity 15.2

    Activity 15.3

    Chapter 16

    Activity 16.1

    Activity 16.2

    Activity 16.3

    Extra activities

    Activity 5.1

    Activity 15.1

    Activity 13.2

    Activity 13.1

    Activity 11.1

    Activity 9.2

    Activity 9.1

    Activity 7.2

    Activity 7.1

    Activity 5.2

    Activity 15.2

    Now available

    Teaching programs

    The following files are in Word format.


    Generic HSC template

    Prelim Judaism

    Prelim Christianity

    Prelim Buddhism

    Prelim Religion in Australia pre-1945

    HSC Religion in Australia post-1945

    HSC Religion and non-religion

    HSC Islam

    HSC Hinduism

    HSC Christianity

    Generic Prelim template

    Prelim Nature of religion

    Now available

    Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLs for external or third-party websites and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate.

    Chapter 1

    Canadian news
    Nan Tien temple Australia
    Aboriginal art and culture tourism Victoria

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Christian Research Association

    Chapter 4

    Buddhist Council of NSW
    When happiness doesn't make you happy

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 7

    Abstinence clearinghouse

    Chapter 8

    The Hindu universe
    Join the Hindu renaissance

    Chapter 9

    Hindu Scared scriptures
    Amritapuri's home page

    Chapter 10

    Islam and Muslims
    A brief illustrated guide to understanding Islam and the Qur'an
    Islam information

    Chapter 11

    Al Ghazali's website
    Hafiz life and poetry

    Chapter 12

    Jewish Board of deputies

    Chapter 13

    The Jewish encyclopedia
    The Guide for the Perplexed by Moses Maimonides
    Jewish Ecological Coalition
    The Jewish National Fund
    Dayenu - Sydney's Jewish gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender group

    Chapter 14

    Celtic Druidism: History, beliefs, practices, myths and neopagan revival
    Egyptians: The most religious
    Seeking Native American spirituality
    M?ori religion and spirituality by Edward Shortland (1882)
    The M?ori spirituality
    Lord of the Sky-King of the Earth: Zulu traditional religion and belief in the sky god by Irving Hex
    African traditional religion
    Zoroastrianism: Founded by Zarathushtra

    Chapter 15

    Friends (Quakers) and peace by Bill Samuel
    Network of Christian peace organisations
    Information on the Al Qaeda Handbook

    Chapter 16

    The Theosophical Society in Australia
    Center for studies on new religions
    The Raelian movement

    The Teacher resource package is available for purchase separately.

    Please note: The Teacher resource package does not include access to the PDF textbook.  Please use the 16 character code in the front of your textbook to access the PDF textbook.

    There is a range of teacher suppot resources available for this title.

    Teachers should log in or creat a teacher account to view the types of resources available.

    Once logged in, teachers can preview these resources by clicking on any of the files.

    The complete Teacher Resource Package contains:

    • Additional activities and solutions
    • End of chapter solutions
    • Exams and exam solutions
    • Exercise solutions
    • Powerpoints
    • Supplementary material
    • Teaching programs



    Christopher Hartney, Jonathan Noble (Contributing Editor)