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Cambridge Senior Visual Arts


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Cambridge Visual Arts: Stage 6 is written specifically for NSW and closely follows the Stage 6 syllabus with special emphasis on the concepts, frames and conceptual framework.

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If you are activating a student text access code provided in the front of the print textbook, a sealed pocket, or supplied via email or by your school, you will have access to the following resources:

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The Teacher Resource Package is available for purchase separately. Resources are accessed through a Cambridge GO teacher account using a unique access code supplied on purchase. 

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PDF Textbook chapters

Preliminary pages [PDF 1.3Mb]

Section 1: Preliminary course: artmaking [PDF 26.8Mb]

Section 2: Preliminary course: art criticism and art history [PDF 12.7Mb]

Section 3: HSC course: artmaking [PDF 17.0Mb]

Section 4: HSC course: art criticism and art history [PDF 9.7Mb]

Section 5: Need to know [PDF 3.7Mb]

References, Glossary and Index [PDF 0.6Mb]

Now available

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October 2008

July 2008

Now available.

Teacher CD content

Chapter tests

Chapter test solutions

Course outline


Exam solutions


Student tasks

Student task solutions


Marianne Hulsbosch (Consulting Editor), Paul FitzGerald, Alan Guihot, Ian Randall, Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen