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Cambridge Legal Studies - Preliminary Second Edition


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Cambridge Legal Studies 2nd Edition combines information on all aspects of the law with superior exam preparation in an accessible and student-friendly resource package.

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PDF Textbook chapters

Preliminary pages

Chapter 1 - Basic legal concepts

Chapter 2 - Sources of contemporary Australian law

Chapter 3 - Classification of law

Chapter 4 - Law Reform

Chapter 5 - Law reform in action

Chapter 6 - Your rights and responsibilities

Chapter 7 - Resolving disputes

Chapter 8 - Contemporary issues: The individual and technology

Chapter 9 - Children and young people

Chapter 10 - Women

Chapter 11 - The Bali bombings

Chapter 12 - The Port Arthur massacre

Chapter 13 - Mohamed Haneef

Chapter 14 - Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMCGs)

Chapter 15 - File sharing and digital copyright

Chapter 16 - Drug testing

Answers, Glossary and Index


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These activities are available to users of the printed textbook.

Photocopying is restricted under law and these activities must not be transferred to another party as an electronic or print version.

    • Chapter 1: Basic legal concepts [Word]

    • Chapter 2: Sources of contemporary law [Word]

    • Chapter 3: Classification of law [Word]

    • Chapter 4: Law reform [Word]

    • Chapter 5: Law reform in action [Word]

    • Chapter 6: Your rights and responsibilities [Word]

    • Chapter 7: Resolving disputes [Word]

    • Chapter 8: Contemporary issue: The individual and technology [Word]

    • Chapter 9: Children and young people [Word]

    • Chapter 10: Women [Word]

    • Chapter 11: The Bali bombings [Word]

    • Chapter 12: The Port Arthur massacre [Word]

    • Chapter 13: Mohamed Haneef [Word]

    • Chapter 14: Outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs) [Word]

    • Chapter 15: File sharing and digital copyright [Word]

    • Chapter 16: Drug testing [Word]

    Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLs for external or third-party websites and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate.

    Chapter 1

    NSW Bar association
    State Library of NSW - Legal Studies research guide:
    NZ based anarchist group
    UK based anarchist group

    Chapter 2

    ACT Law courts and Tribunals
    Australian Government's Attorney-General's Department: The Courts
    High Court of Australia Decisions
    High Court of Australia About the Court
    Australian Human Rights Commission
    Amnesty International
    United Nations
    Inter-Governmental Organisation web page finder
    Parliament of Australia

    Chapter 3

    ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    ACT Law Courts and Tribunals

    Chapter 4

    Australian Institute of Criminology
    Australasian Legal Information Institute
    ABC News: `Circle sentencing has no effect: study:
    Shared Parenting Information Group
    Australian Governments Attorney-Generals Department: Royal Commissions:

    Chapter 5

    Federal Court of Australia Introduction to Native Title:
    New South Wales Consolidated Acts Anti-discrimination Act 1977:
    Australian Human Rights Commission
    NSW Rape Crisis Centre
    Crime and Justice Bulletin No.92 Jan 2006 (Source for graph that appears on page 120):$file/CJB92.pdf
    Sydney Morning Herald: 'New rape trial is on a slim premise':

    Chapter 6

    Cornell University Law School United States Constitution:
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Chapter 7

    Land and Environment Court Decisions where an application for the removal of a tree has been ref
    Whistleblowers Australia
    Anti-Discrimination Board
    A summary of United Nations Agreements on Human Rights

    Chapter 8

    Internet World Stats Usage and population statistics
    Australian Communications and Media Authority
    Australian spam legislation
    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission spam, spam, spam:
    World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
    WIPO Administered treaties
    World Trade Organization
    Australian Law Reform Commission Media release - 'Australia must rewrite privacy laws for the In
    Australian Government NetAlarmed
    World Intellectual Property Organization Portal
    World Trade Organization Trade-related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights:
    World Trade Organization Electronic commerce
    Internet Corporation for Assigned names and numbers
    Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
    Australian Government Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy
    Commonwealth of Australia Law

    Chapter 9

    Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights Convention on the Rights of the Child:
    NSW Government Department of Commerce Office of Industrial Relations Young people at wor
    Lawstuff Know your rights
    NSW Commission for Young People Children at work Recommendations:
    ACTU Worksite Your rights at work for students
    Australian Childhood Foundation
    Committee on the rights of the child
    NSW Commission for children and young people
    NSW Government Department of Community Services
    Australian Council of Trade Unions
    Amnesty International Library

    Chapter 10

    Asian Women at Work
    NSW Anti-Discrimination Board
    Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
    Womens Electoral Lobby NSW

    Chapter 11

    Sydney Morning Herald-'People were burning, dying. It was an inferno'
    Sydney Morning Herald Bali Bombing collection of articles
    Australian Government Australian National Security
    United Nations

    Chapter 12

    Brady Centre to prevent gun violence
    National Rifle Association of America
    Australian Review of Public Affairs Australias New Gun Control Philosophy: Public Health is P
    Australian Institute of Criminology
    International Action Network on Small Arms
    United Nations
    Sydney Morning Herald
    Gun Control Australia

    Chapter 13

    Australian Lawyers Alliance
    Amnesty International Australia
    Australian Muslim Civil Rights Advocacy Network
    Law Council of Australia
    Australian Government Attorney-Generals Department - Australian Government responses to the C

    Chapter 14

    Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
    FREE Australia Party

    Chapter 15

    Australian Government Attorney-Generals Department - Copyright
    Australian Copyright Council
    Electronic Frontiers Australia
    Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft

    Chapter 16

    Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2007 National Drug Strategy Household Survey
    ABC News 'School drug tests a "waste of money"'
    Privacy NSW Office of the Privacy Commissioner
    Australian National Council on Drugs
    Australian Drug Information Network
    Roads and Traffic Authority NSW

    Now available.

    Additional resources

    Chapter 8

    Chapter 9

    Chapter 10

    Chapter 11

    Chapter 12

    Chapter 17

    Chapter 18

    Cases, statutes and media reports

    Proforma media report

    Extended respose question - solution overview

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    Teacher CD content

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    Preliminary teaching program

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    Marking criteria

    June 2011

    ABC News: High Court tosses out NSW bikie laws


    Paul Milgate, Kate Dally, Philip Webster, Daryl Le Cornu, Tim Kelly