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Cambridge Legal Studies - HSC Second Edition


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Cambridge Legal Studies 2nd Edition combines information on all aspects of the law with superior exam preparation in an accessible and student-friendly resource package.

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PDF Textbook chapters and Toolkit

  • Preliminary pages

  • Chapter 1 - The Nature of crime

  • Chapter 2 - The criminal investigation process

  • Chapter 3 - Criminal trial process

  • Chapter 4 - Sentencing and punishment

  • Chapter 5- Young offenders

  • Chapter 6 - International crime

  • Chapter 7 - The nature and development of human rights

  • Chapter 8 - Promoting and enforcing human rights

  • Chapter 9 - Contemporary human rights issues

  • Chapter 10 - Option 1: Consumers

  • Chapter 11 - Option 2: Global environmental protection

  • Chapter 12 - Option 3: Family

  • Chapter 13 - Option 4: Workplace

  • Chapter 14 - Option 5: World order

  • Answers, Glossary and Index

  • Toolkit

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    Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLs for external or third-party websites and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate.

    Chaper 11

    National Geographic News article: "Eating Local" Has Little Effect on Warming, Study Says
    Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts: Legislation
    Global Footprint Network: Advancing the Science of Sustainability
    The Story of Stuff Project
    Environmental Literacy Council
    National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development
    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
    United Nations Environment Programme
    TRAFFIC: The wildlife trade monitoring network
    The Environmental Law Framework for Sustainable Development
    Ecologically Sustainable Development
    Australia's first national report to the Convention on Biological Diversity

    Chapter 1

    Bureau of crime statistics and research
    ALRC Report 104 - Fighting Words: A Review of Sedition Laws in Australia

    Chapter 2

    Code of Practice for CRIME (Custody, Rights, Investigation, Management and Evidence)
    Contemporary Issues in Crime and Justice Number 125 What caused the decrease in sexual assault clear$file/cjb125.pdf

    Chapter 3

    Lawlink Justice and Attorney General
    ACT Law courts and Tribunals
    Australian Government's Attorney-General's Department: The Courts

    Chapter 4

    New South Wales Government - NSW legislation
    Australasian Legal Information Institute

    Chapter 5

    E LAW - Doli Incapax: Why Children Deserve its Protection
    The Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act

    Chapter 6

    International Criminal Court
    TRIAL (Track Impunity Always)
    Australian Government's Attorney-General's Department: Alphabetical country list
    UNODC: United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its Protocols

    Chapter 7

    Teaching With Documents: The Amistad Case
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Chapter 8

    United Nations Human Rights: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
    United Nations Development Programme: Millennium Development Goals
    Human Rights Watch
    International Committee of the Red Cross
    Reprieve Australia
    Amnesty International
    Reporters Without Borders
    Australian Human Rights Commission
    NSW Council for Civil Liberties
    Civil Liberties Australia
    Australian Human Rights Commission
    Australian Council of Social Service
    National Human Rights Consultation website

    Chapter 9

    iAbolish: American anti-slavery group
    US Department of State: Trafficking in Persons Report
    Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons Especially Women and Children, suppl
    UN.GIFT - Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking
    Special Action Programme to combat Forced Labour
    Documentary Australia Foundation: 'Trafficked'
    Human Trafficking Working Group
    Coalition to stop the use of child soldiers: Regions
    The Lubanga trial at the International Criminal Court
    Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
    Coalition to stop the use of child soldiers
    Amnesty International - Children and Human Rights
    International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour

    Chapter 10

    New South Wales Consolidated Acts: SALE OF GOODS ACT 1923
    NSW Government: Fair trading - Refunds and warranties
    Advertising Standards Bureau - Codes Administered by the ASB
    Consumer Action Law Centre
    Community Justice Centres
    Consumer Credit Legal Centre NSW
    Redfern Legal Centre
    The Australian Communications and Media Authority
    The University of Reading - Professor Kevin Warwick

    Chapter 12

    Unicef Australia: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
    NSW Legislation: Children (Protection and Parental Responsibility) Act 1997 No 78
    Lawstuff: Know your rights
    Measuring domestic violence and sexual assault against women: a review of the literature and statist
    Catholic Care: Diocese of Wollongong
    Relationships Australia
    Australian Human Rights Commission: Same-Sex: Same Entitlements
    Australian Marriage Equality
    Australian Christian Lobby
    National Council of Women of Australia
    Child Abuse Prevention Service
    The Benevolent Society

    Chapter 13

    Chapter 14

    The United Nations
    The United Nations Peacekeeping website
    The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission
    World Federation of United Nations Associations
    International Crisis Group
    Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
    Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
    Centre for Justice and International Law
    Global Policy Forum
    Lowy Institute for International Policy
    International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
    Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission
    Eliminating Nuclear Threats: A Practical Agenda for Global Policy Makers
    International Crisis Group (ICG)
    International Committee of the Red Cross: ICRC Worldwide

    Now available.

    Additional resources

    Analysis of legal issues and information (PDF)

    Cases, statutes and media reports (PDF)

    Chapter 7 (PDF)

    Media report proforma (Word)

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    Teacher CD content

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    Preliminary teaching program

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    Marking criteria

    June 2011

    ABC News: High Court tosses out NSW bikie laws

    March 2012

    Page 47

    - Land and Environment Court of NSW belongs under Superior Courts and has an internal appeal mechanism for some cases, while other cases are made to the NSW Court of Appeal/ Court of Criminal Appeal.
    - Only the Local Court of NSW has the right to appeal to the District Court.
    - The Coroner's court does not hear criminal charges.
    - Court of Criminal Appeal should be included in the flow chart, situated above the Supreme Court of NSW.


    Paul Milgate, Daryl Le Cornu, Ann Miller, Sarah Robinson, Tim Kelly, Kevin Steed