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Cambridge Hospitality Fourth Edition


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Updated to reflect the new requirements of the Tourism, Travel and Events Training Package (SIT12) and the NESA Stage 6 Hospitality Curriculum, this new edition of the award winning series continues to develop the necessary technical and personal skills that are valued by hospitality employers in Australia and beyond.

• The complete resource package now includes Foundation Skills as part of the outcomes and continues to cover all mandatory and relevant core units of the NESA Stage 6 syllabus and the most useful and popular elective topics of the Hospitality, Kitchen Operations and Commercial Cookery streams of the Hospitality Curriculum Framework.

• Updated activities, career profiles unit summaries engage students through the use of relevant examples and aid exam revision while consolidating knowledge and highlighting areas that may require additional revision.

• The included Interactive Textbook offers videos to demonstrate key hospitality skills, multiple choice questions and a host of rich media resources and interactive activities to engage all students.

• This resource has been written by experienced VET teachers who understand the varied and specific resource needs of students and teachers studying vocational subjects in a secondary school environment.

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Full PDF Textbook

Complete textbook [PDF 113Mb]

PDF Textbook chapters

Preliminary Pages [PDF 4.1Mb]

Unit 1: Use hygienic practices for food safety [PDF 5.0Mb]

Unit 2: Participate in safe work practices [PDF 4.1Mb]

Unit 3: Source and use information on the hospitality industry and Work effectively with others [PDF 9.3Mb]

Unit 4: Interact with customers [PDF 6.7Mb]

Unit 5: Serve food and beverage [PDF 6.0Mb]

Unit 6: Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages [PDF 4.8Mb]

Unit 7: Prepare and serve espresso coffee [PDF 6.9Mb]

Unit 8: Use hospitality skills effectively (holistic) [PDF 4.0Mb]

Unit 9: Use food-preparation equipment [PDF 6.5Mb]

Unit 10: Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery [PDF 12.7Mb]

Unit 11: Clean kitchen premises and equipment [PDF 4.5Mb]

Unit 12: Participate in safe food-handling practices [PDF 5.3Mb]

Unit 13: Use cookery skills effectively (holistic) [PDF 2.9Mb]

Glossary and Index [PDF 0.9Mb]

Elective Units

Unit E1: Clean premises and equipment [PDF 3.5Mb]

Unit E2: Prepare and present simple dishes [PDF 4.8Mb]

Unit E3: Prepare and present sandwiches [PDF 4.5Mb]

Unit E4: Prepare appetisers and salads [PDF 4.6Mb]

Unit E5: Prepare stocks, soups and sauces [PDF 5.3Mb]

Unit E6: Prepare vegetable, fruit, egg and farinaceous dishes [PDF 5.6Mb]

Unit E7: Communicate in the workplace [PDF 3.9Mb]

Unit E8: Source and present information [PDF 2.7Mb]

Unit E9: Show social and cultural sensitivity [PDF 2.9Mb]

Unit E10: Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices [PDF 5.3Mb]

Unit E11: Receive and store stock [PDF 2.4Mb]

Unit E12: Maintain the quality of perishable items [PDF 3.4Mb]

Unit E13: Follow point-of-sale handling procedures [PDF 2.7Mb]

Unit E14: Provide service to customers [PDF 2.8Mb]

Unit E15: Plan and cost basic menus [PDF 3.5Mb]

Unit E16: Produce desserts [PDF 3.1Mb]

Unit E17: Use hygienic practices for food safety [PDF 2.9Mb]

Acknowledgements [PDF 0.9Mb]

Glossary [PDF 0.9Mb]

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Activities: All units + additional online units [Word docs 13.9Mb]

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Recipes: All units + additional online units [Zipped Word docs 32.4Mb]

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Unit 1

Food Safety Information Council
Department of Health

Unit 2

Safe Work Australia - Recover @ Work
Australian Safety and Compensation Council
SafeWork South Australia
Queensland Division of Workplace Health and Safety
Workplace Standards Tasmania
WorkSafe Western Australia

Unit 3

Australian Tourism website
Good Food Australia
Fair work commission

Unit 11

Unit 12

E Unit 2

E Unit 6

E Unit 10

Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia
Green Grok's DIY Sustainable Food Shopping Tour
FareShare Overview
Australian Marine Conservation Society
NSW Environmental Protection Authorirty
Department of the Environment and Energy


Tracey Holloway, Katrina Walsh, Kelly Evans