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Art-iculate Second Edition


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Art-iculate Second Edition: Art for VCE offers a uniquely Victorian perspective on national and international art and the interplay between art theory and practice or the updated VCE study design.

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Full PDF Textbook

  • Complete textbook [PDF 47Mb]

PDF Textbook chapters

  • Preliminary pages [PDF 1Mb]

  • Chapter 1 Tools for researching, investigating and interpreting artworks, and creating a practical folio [PDF 3Mb]

  • Chapter 2 Artworks and meaning [PDF 3Mb]

  • Chapter 3 Art making and meaning [PDF 5Mb]

  • Chapter 4 Assessment for Unit 1 [PDF 2Mb]

  • Chapter 5 Artworks and contemporary culture [PDF 5Mb]

  • Chapter 6 Art making and contemporary culture [PDF 4Mb]

  • Chapter 7 Assessment for Unit 2 [PDF 1.5Mb]

  • Chapter 8 Artworks, ideas and values [PDF 3Mb]

  • Chapter 9 Assessment for Unit 3 [PDF 1Mb]

  • Chapter 10 Discussing art: Ideas and related issues [PDF 3Mb]

  • Chapter 11 Assessment for Unit 4 [PDF 2Mb]

  • Chapter 12 Art making: Investigation, interpretation, realisation and resolution [PDF 4Mb]

  • Chapter 13 Assessment for Units 3 and 4 [PDF 1.5Mb]

  • Glossary and index [PDF 1.5Mb]

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    Word activities - all

    • Art-iculate 2ed - all activities [Zip file, 11Mb]

    These activities are available to users of the printed textbook.

    Photocopying is restricted under law and these activities must not be transferred to another party as an electronic or print version.

      Now available

      Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLs for external or third-party websites and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate.

      Chapter 1

      Edwin van der Heide's wave field recordings
      United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

      Chapter 2

      An article on the MOMA website about the concept of identity in art
      Marc Quinns 1991 artwork, Self
      Grayson Perry interview on Bloomberg news
      Grayson Perrys artworks, exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery
      Sigmund Freuds psychology of behaviour
      The complete works of Hieronymus Bosch
      A web gallery of the works of Hieronymus Bosch
      A short video clip of part of the performance for Jill Orrs The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
      The Jill Orr website
      The Seung Mo Park website
      The masterful craft of Seung Mo Park
      Seung Mo Parks exhibition, Meticulously Snipped & Wrapped
      Macquarie digital portraiture award
      The Yinka Shonibarembe website
      Yinka Shonibares public sculpture, Nelson's Ship in a Bottle
      An interview with Dr. John Yu, the model for one of Ah Xians artworks
      The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, by Yinka Shonibare

      Chapter 5

      The making of Shotgun wedding dress/Cleave by eX de Medici
      An interview with eX de Medici describing the multiple mediums in which she has worked including tat
      The Tim Shaw website
      The Jake and Dinos Chapman website
      The White Cube website showing great works by prolific artists
      The National Gallery of Australia Ron Mueck; the making of Pregnant Woman, 2002
      Art and TV Culture: A feature on Ron Mueck - Real hyper sculptor
      Web Gallery of Arts list of Berthe Morsots work
      The Damien Hirst website
      Gagosian Gallerys collection of Damien Hirst works
      Project for Public Spaces - Funding Sources for Public Art
      Google street art Project
      The Reko Rennie Website
      An Artlink article on Aboriginal art from the Kimberley and Top End
      Vimeo feature on Guido Van Helten Portrait of an Artist
      Artist Guido van Helten painting Silos at Brim Victoria arial shots
      The Jeff Koons website
      The Inge and Graham King website
      Melbourne Graffitis interview with artist, Sofles
      National Film and Sound Archive Australina Sculpture, Inge King talks about her success as an ar
      Melbourne White Night 2015 Sofles, Graffiti Mapped
      Sofles The production process of Graffiti Mapped
      Australian War memorials introduction to Australian official war artists
      Information of the Bayeux Tapestry
      From Best Foot Forward Films: Tim Shaws Casting a Dark Democracy
      The Tim Shaw official website
      Del Kathryn Barton is a Painter
      Official trailer for The Nightingale and the Rose
      Art Gallery NSW Winner: Archibald Prize 2008 Del Kathryn Barton
      PUBLIC 2015: Art in the Wheatbelt | Official Video
      Os Gemeos finally finished painting this six massive silos

      Chapter 8

      Interceptor Surf Sequence by Shaun Gladwell
      Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
      The Guo Jian website
      Guo Jian case study: Domains of Dissidence and Dreams
      The complete works of Peter Paul Rubens
      Peter Paul Rubens biography and paintings
      Illustrated catalogue of the artists work from the Roslyn Oxley Gallery
      Fiona Hall interview on Sunday Arts
      Generative virtual-reality installation, Dear World Yours, Cambridge 2015
      An interview explaining the importance of Bill Violas near-drowning experience
      A written interview with the artist, Bill Viola
      The Japinka Gallery Website Traditional Indigenous art
      A visit to Judy Watsons studio Judy Watson blood language: James C. Sourris AM Collection
      Utagawa Kuniyoshis triptych of Takiyasha the Witch and the Skeleton Spectre
      Julia deVilles complete work
      Alexandra Stratou, Stella Constandines and Danae Stratou, Desert Breath, 1997 land art on an eno
      Julius Popp, Bit.Fall, 2005 the controlled motion of falling water
      Andre Amador, Capturing Impermanence, 2016 - designs scratched into sand on a large scale
      The Miguel Chevalier website
      website of the gallery that represents the artist, Miguel Chevalier
      Bit.Fall on the Discovery Channel
      Cai Guo Giangs installation Sky Ladder (2015)
      History of the Main Complaint, 1996, in which Soho faces up to white responsibility
      Tide Table, 2003, a reflection on youth and immediacy
      Other Faces, 2011 begins with a car accident between a white driver and a black driver
      The Raft, 2004 inspired by Gricaults The Raft of the Medusa, 1818-19
      Tristans Ascension (2014) inspired by the unhappy love story of Tristan and Isolde]
      Watch the video of Interceptor Surf Sequence, 2009

      Chapter 10

      Art, China and Censorship according to Ai Weiwei
      Gittoes works on his website.
      White Night Melbourne website
      Benallas Street Art website
      Powerhouse, Geelong
      Meeting of Styles website
      SMH Article Swedish artist unrepentent about killing animals
      Banksy website
      Graffiti star sneaks work into Tate

      Chapter 11


      Deryck Greenwood, Lou Chamberlin