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Art and Me


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Art and Me will inspire Stage 6 Visual Arts students with its stunning design and fresh format that reflects and frames the artworks within, new topics that engage with contemporary art trends and innovative interactive digital resources that bring the study of art to life.

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Full Textbook

  • Complete Textbook [PDF 58.7Mb]

PDF Textbook chapters

  • Preliminary pages [PDF 2.7Mb]

  • Chapter 1: Expressive forms [PDF 4.8Mb]

  • Chapter 2: Making art [PDF 3.5Mb]

  • Chapter 3: An introduction [PDF 3.6Mb]

  • Chapter 4: Case study - A student's body of work [PDF 4.0Mb]

  • Chapter 5: An introduction [PDF 1.8Mb]

  • Chapter 6: Case study - Different perspectives [PDF 1.6Mb]

  • Chapter 7: An introduction [PDF 2.0Mb]

  • Chapter 8: Case study - Words and text in art [PDF 1.6Mb]

  • Chapter 9: An introduction [PDF 2.0Mb]

  • Chapter 10: Case study - Art, politics and commerce [PDF 2.4Mb]

  • Chapter 11: An introduction [PDF 1.7Mb]

  • Chapter 12: An introduction [PDF 1.7Mb]

  • Chapter 13: Case study - Different perspectives [PDF 0.9Mb]

  • Chapter 14: Case study - Fountain [PDF 1.6Mb]

  • Chapter 15: Case study - Restitution and the museum - The Parthenon and Nazi war loot [PDF 2.1Mb]

  • Chapter 16: Case study - Guernica [PDF 1.4Mb]

  • Chapter 17: Case study - The body in art [PDF 2.2Mb]

  • Chapter 18: Case study - The treachery of images [PDF 1.6Mb]

  • Chapter 19: Case study - Takin' it to the streets [PDF 1.7Mb]

  • Chapter 20: Assessment [PDF 4.4Mb]

  • Chapter 21: Case study - Roy Lichtenstein [PDF 1.8Mb]

  • Chapter 22: Case study - Ricky Swallow [PDF 1.5Mb]

  • Chapter 23: Case study - Patricia Piccinini [PDF 1.1Mb]

  • Chapter 24: Case study - Marcus Harvey's Myra [PDF 0.1Mb]

You are entitled to download and store these PDFs. However they may not be transferred to another party, including other students, as electronic or print versions.

To use the enhanced PDF functions, such as note taking, you must download these PDFs to your computer and open them with Adobe Reader 9 or later.

The PDF Textbook is designed for full functionality using the latest version of Adobe Reader. The markup function is available in selected PDF readers for the iPad and other devices using iOS. Check your PDF reader specifications. At the time of publication, Adobe Reader, Good Reader and PDF Expert were viable options.

Note that some PDF file names may comprise the ISBN and chapter number.


You must have Adobe Reader installed to view the PDF files.


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    Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLs for external or third-party websites and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate.

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 5

    Vimeo: Destino Dal and Disney

    Chapter 8

    Artpoems of Richard Tipping

    Chapter 9

    Website of Australian artist Ben Quilty

    Chapter 10

    Andy Warhol site

    Chapter 11

    Picasso website
    Create your own Pollock-style artwork online

    Chapter 13

    Damien Hirst website
    Damien Hirsts For the Love of God artwork
    Damien Hirsts artwork on Lance Armstrongs bicycles

    Chapter 14

    Chapter 15

    IQ2 Debate: 'Send Them Back' - The Parthenon Marbles Should Be Returned to Athens

    Chapter 16

    Picassos The Dream and Lie of Franco drawings

    Chapter 17

    Kim Joon's work
    Gordon Bennett, Mirror (Altered Body Print: Dismember / Remember 2), 1994.
    NGV Gordon Bennett Education Resource website

    Chapter 19

    Chapter 20

    Chapter 23

    Interview with Patricia Piccinini

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    The complete Teacher Resource Package contains:

    • Course outline
    • Tasks and task solutions
    • Tests and test solutions
    • Powerpoints
    • Exam solutions


    Full package

    Art and Me TRP complete package [Zipped Word docs & PowerPoints, 120Mb]

    Preview files

    9 August 2017

    In 2017, the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) was renamed as NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).


    Marianne Hulsbosch (Consulting Editor), Paul FitzGerald, Alan Guihot, Ian Randall