Cambridge Senior Science

VCE Biology Units 1–4

Brighter thinking for a better future

A NEW series that reflects the key changes to the VCE Study Design
and delivers students ALL they need to know for success.

Units 1&2 and Units 3&4 available for early commencement Term 4, 2021

Why choose Cambridge Senior Science:

What do students really need to know to succeed in VCE Biology?

This NEW series provides a focus on the essential elements of the new Study Design to allow students to efficiently grasp the subject and prepare for exams. 


Comprehensive coverage of the new Study Design

The author team has thoroughly reviewed the new Study Design to ensure the series reflects changes such as:

  • The increased focus on practical skills and bioethical understanding
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, culture and history
  • CRISPR-Cas9 in editing genomes / improving photosynthetic efficiencies and crop yield
  • Adaptions of specific types of plants (C3, C4 and CAM)
  • Biofuel production
  • Microbiota barriers
  • Sympatric speciation


Demonstrates the interconnectedness of Biology

The new Study Design for VCE Biology emphasises the interconnectedness of each topic. In response, this new series makes use of a storyline approach that scaffolds learning and allows students to recognise the connections between topics and build a better mental map of the course – promoting better recall of concepts.

Concept maps and links forward and back in the margin of the text are utilised in the print and digital textbook to support these connections.


Students have greater control over their progress

Learning intentions matched to the Study Design are provided at the beginning of each chapter detailing what students need to know and do to meet the syllabus requirements.

The Learning intentions are repeated in an end-of-chapter Success criteria checklist linked to questions in the Chapter Review, allowing students to tick achievement against the criteria when they can answer questions correctly.

Chapter Review questions answered correctly in the Interactive Textbook automatically tick the linked success criteria.


Unparalleled digital resources for teaching and learning

The comprehensive, integrated digital resources provide extensive support for teachers and give students the flexibility to move between classroom and at-home learning and revision.

The Interactive Textbook features:

  • Revision of prior knowledge quiz and content from Cambridge Science for the Victorian Curriculum Years 9 & 10
  • Chapter review questions that automatically tick the linked success criteria when answered correctly
  • 30 videos per book that introduce and illustrate concepts, demonstrate skills, worked examples or enhance and clarify student knowledge
  • Interactive concept maps and link icons that provide an alternative navigation through the course
  • Interactive PowerPoint animations
  • Workspaces for written responses including scientific notation and self-assessment tools
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Roll-over glossary definitions 

The Online Teaching Suite includes:

  • Downloadable pracs that meet the requirements of the Study Design and can be used as part of the school-assessed course work (SAC)
  • Ready-made Practice exams and Chapter tests
  • Solutions for all tests, pracs and worksheets
  • An Exam generator that utilises questions from past VCE Biology exams
  • Over 60 PowerPoint animations per book that provide definitions and descriptions or step through processes
  • Editable Chapter summaries
  • Curriculum grids, teaching programs and curated weblinks
  • Teaching tips 
  • Powerful Learning Management System to monitor student progress


What else to expect:


Modelling of logbook development provides students with exemplar entries; walking them through each entry in two steps from initial investigation planning to a demonstration of what a final version of the investigation might look like. A video demonstration is also provided

Skills boxes in every section offer advice on how to approach assessment tasks and exam questions. These tips cover advice such as how to identify the key terms in a question or specific skills students should master to achieve a strong assessment result

Engage or Explain icons to distinguish between content that provides a broader context and that which is assessable, need-to-know information

Formative Check-in questions and summative Review questions in each section

A revision section at the end of each unit made up of multiple-choice and short-answer questions

Scientific investigations chapters to support skills development as well as a chapter on Research strategies for Units 1&2 


* Cambridge Edjin utilises the same powerful teaching and learning platform as Cambridge HOTmaths.

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Award winning publishers of Science resources 

Cambridge University Press are proud award-winning publishers of Science resources for Years 7–10. Cambridge Science for the Victorian Curriculum was the winner in the Secondary Student Resource – Junior (Mathematics/Science) category at the 2020 Educational Publishing Awards Australia.