Poetry Reloaded

Poetry Reloaded
Blair Mahoney
Year 7 / Year 8 / Year 9 / Year 10
Arts / History / Humanities
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Draw students into the world of poetry.


Poetry Reloaded uses student-friendly language and an engaging writing style to draw students into the world of poetry. By demonstrating how poetry is relevant to many things that interest students today - music, comics, film, TV, and sport - this book reloads poetry for the new millennium. Using a thematic approach, Poetry Reloaded introduces students to poetry in the context of understanding basic poetic forms, devices and techniques. As students encounter and respond to the poems in a variety of ways, they will not only extend their appreciation of poetry, but will also develop essential vocabulary, literacy, and language skills.

  • Annotated poems and poet biographies help bring poetry to life.
  • Stunning, full-colour illustrations and other visually engaging material focus on visual literacy.
  • Diverse and engaging activities cater for a range of abilities, learning styles and interests.
The text delivered in print format.

Chapter 1 Poetry gets started

Chapter 2 Poetry goes on holiday

Chapter 3 Poetry kicks a goal

Chapter 4 Poetry looks in the mirror

Chapter 5 Poetry falls in love

Chapter 6 Poetry goes to war

Chapter 7 Poetry has a laugh

Chapter 8 Poetry goes to the movies

Chapter 9 Poetry gets serious

Glossary of poetic forms#$ terms and techniques

Subject index

Index of poets and poems

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Blair Mahoney
At the time of publication, Blair was Assistant English Coordinator at Melbourne High School, where he taught English, Literature and Philosophy. He is interested in exploring new ways to approach poetry in the classroom and make it less intimidating for students. Blair reads a lot of contemporary and experimental fiction and graphic novels as well as poetry, and gets bored if he has to teach the same text too many years in a row. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and son and named one of his two cats Oedipus to the cat