Analysing Australian History

Analysing Australian History
Ken Webb
Year 9 / Year 10
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Analysing Australian History helps students to develop a broad and detailed understanding of the experiences of Australians by analysing and reflecting upon the political, social and economic changes and continuities of Australian history.

  • A range of sources, such as eyewitness accounts, visual representations and primary documents, combine with compelling narrative passages to make this a comprehensive resource.
  • A wide variety of analysis activities as well as focus questions and exercises enhance student understanding and develop key skills.
  • Chapters broken up into key questions and topic summary reviews help students conceptualise the origin and impact of events in Australian history.
  • A number of interesting features – including summaries of key events, timelines, trivia boxes, concept maps and case studies – help bring Australian history to life.
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Chapter 1 – British colonies in Australia

From ‘First Fleet’ to Governor Macquarie
Why did Britain establish a penal colony in NSW in 1788?
The voyage of the First Fleet
The early years of NSW
From Phillip to Macquarie
A significant Australian – Governor Lachlan Macquarie
The establishment and growth of Victoria
The achievement of self-government
Settlement or invasion?
Impact of European settlement on Indigenous Australians
The policy of protection
A significant event – The Myall Creek Massacre, 1838
The History Wars

Chapter 2 - Gold!

The Gold Rushes of the 1850s
Life on the goldfields
The Chinese
A significant event – The Rebellion of the Eureka Stockade
How was Australia changed by the Gold Rushes of the 1850s?
A significant individual – Ned Kelly

Chapter 3 – Fighting for our rights!

The growth of trade unions in 19th-century Australia
A significant event – The Great Strikes of the 1890s
The Birth of the Australian Labor Party (ALP)
Votes for women
A significant individual – Vida Goldstein

Chapter 4 – One Nation

Background to Federation
‘Australia pulling apart’
How was Federation achieved?
What is the Australian Constitution?
A significant event – The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901
A significant individual – Alfred Deakin

Chapter 5 – World War I

Part of the British Empire and proud of it
How and why did Australia become involved in World War I?
What is the ‘Anzac Legend’?
A significant individual – Simpson and his donkey
What happened on the Western Front?
A significant event – The Battle of Passchendaele, 1917
The Australian Home Front
Why did the Conscription issue split the nation?

Chapter 6 – Between the wars

‘Homes fit for heroes’
The coming of the Depression
The Depression
The Bodyline Series of 1932–33
A troubled world
A significant figure – Adolf Hitler

Chapter 7 – World War II;

Australians at war again
Japan sweeps down
A significant event – The bombing of Darwin
Prisoners of Nippon
A significant individual – Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop
Home Front Australia

Chapter 8 – Post-war Australia

The changing face of Australia – Immigration since 1945
A significant individual – Pauline Hanson
A troubled world again – The Cold War after 1945
The Cold War and Australia: (i) Outside of Australia; (ii) Inside Australia
A significant event – The Petrov Affair, 1954

Chapter 9 – Protest and the fight for rights!

The woman’s place in Australian society
1950s style
Women fight for their rights
A significant individual – Germaine Greer
Women rights
A fight won?
The place of Aboriginal people
1950s style
The Stolen Generations
A significant event – Charles Perkins and The Freedom Rides, 1965
Aborigines fight for their rights
Aboriginal Australians – A fight won?

Chapter 10 – Australian the World Citizen

Australia and the United Nations
Australia and its region
A significant event – East Timor
Gulf War I, 1991
Gulf War II (The Iraq War), 2003–

Chapter 11 - A comparison

Australia in the 1950s and the early 21st century
Which is better: life in the 1950s or life in the early 21st century?
Oh, for the good old days of the 1950s
A significant event – 9/11

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Develop essential skills as well as a broad and detailed understanding of Australian and Modern History.

Analysing Australian History and Analysing Modern History helps Victorian students develop essential skills as well as a broad and detailed understanding of Australian and Modern History.

ISBN 9780521730549
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AUD $56.95
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Ken Webb

Ken is a highly experienced teacher of Modern, Ancient, Extension and International Baccalaureate History. He has taught in state schools as well as Pymble Ladies College and Ravenswood School for Girls. Ken is a much published author of Modern, Ancient and Extension History works and frequently lectures and runs workshops with Year 12 and teacher groups in Sydney and regional NSW. In 2012, Ken was a state winner of a National Excellence in Teaching award.