Brighter thinking for a better future

Inspire today’s science students with resources that truly address the requirements of the curriculum, provide much needed support for implementing STEM in the classroom, help to engage every student in science, and include valuable digital resources that genuinely enhance science teaching and learning.

A fresh approach to teaching and learning science:

Authentic STEM activities

Every content chapter encourages student collaboration and engagement. Each STEM activity covers at least two learning areas and can be completed in one or two lessons using readily available materials.

A range of engaging activities to support and extend every student

‘Try this’ ‘Quick check’ ‘Explore!’ ‘Did you know?’ Plus at least 50 pracs per year level integrated throughout the chapter and available for download in the Interactive Textbook.

Best-practice science teaching methods

Claim Evidence Reasoning framework is utilised throughout the practical activities to develop students’ scientific literacy

End of Section questions

Questions are categorised into Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analysing and Evaluating, and can be answered online in the interactive textbook and self-assessed.

Graded, downloadable worksheets

Worksheets are available for download in the Interactive Textbook. Teachers also have access to suggested response sheets.

Compelling video content 

Videos summarise, clarify or extend student knowledge and are indicated by an icon in the print textbook and embedded in the Interactive Textbook.

A fully integrated Interactive Textbook and Online Teaching Suite

Innovative digital capabilities, powered by Cambridge Edjin, include widgets, videos, auto-marked quizzes, Scorcher, a rollover glossary, 'Workspaces' and self-assessment tools, and much more...