Additional chapters for Senior History for Queensland titles

18 NOVEMBER 2020
New digital-only chapters are now available for Senior Ancient History for Queensland and Senior Modern History for Queensland.

As per the November 2018 QCAA memo (065/18), external assessment topics will be assessed in alternate sequences in 2020 and 2021.

We have now added digital-only chapters to the Interactive Textbook and the PDF Textbook for the 2021 sequences of Ancient History (Unit 2, Topic 4: Perikles) and Modern History (Unit 2, Topic 8: Anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, 1948-1991 – Strategies used to oppose apartheid in South Africa).

The Perikles topic has been added as Chapter 7A in the Senior Ancient History digital textbooks. The anti-apartheid topic has been added as Chapter 8A in the Senior Modern History digital textbooks.

Sign in to your Cambridge GO account to access the new digital-only chapters here.

SM QLD History additional chapter.png

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