How an educational publisher addresses feedback

20 DECEMBER 2019
Every so often the Australian Education Publishing department at Cambridge University Press receives feedback on the textbook resources that we publish. Feedback can relate to questions, solutions, activities and more.

We value the feedback that we receive and treat it very seriously. Where appropriate, we correct errors and issues that may have arisen during the production process. These corrections are promptly updated in our digital textbooks and amended for future reprints. Corrections are also accompanied by errata messages on our digital delivery platform Cambridge GO for transparency.

Supporting our customers through continually improved content, experiences and care is one of the major tenets of the Press’ vision to unlock people’s potential. Every day we talk to teachers about the resources and services that would make a difference to them. These conversations, along with research from leading thinkers around the world, help shape everything we do.

We are committed to the future of education in Australia and strive to publish exceptional resources that reflect the needs of today’s users. Language used in textbook resources can sometimes strike a chord with the teaching and learning community. When we receive feedback from our customers, we listen, evaluate and ensure that we make changes to cater for the diversity of students who undertake each course, in order to prepare every student for success in their current and future studies.

If you have any content or editorial feedback that you would like to discuss, please contact [email protected].

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