Three good reasons to update your resource for Stage 5 Design and Technology

30 OCTOBER 2019
New syllabus, new focus

The new syllabus for Stage 5 Design and Technology requires students to address a number of new criteria and includes a focus on students completing a range of activities during the development of a design project.

Three of the areas the new syllabus now requires students to appreciate are:

  1. Understanding the ethical responsibilities surrounding Indigenous cultural and intellectual property. For example the APY Art Centre Collective is a group of Aboriginal owned organisations working together to promote and market their artwork and ensure that these businesses receive a greater share of the Indigenous art market. Find out more here: cambridge.edu.au/redirect/8488 
  2. Describing how industrial practices impact on design and production. Industrial practices and workplace legislation must be considered by designers including: the Competition and Consumer Art; Anti-discrimination legislation; Equal employment opportunity principles; and the Work Health and Safety Act. 
  3. Analysing the importance of environment sustainability practices as a design ideal. Environmentally sustainable practices to evaluate include alternative energy sources, what reclaimed or recycled materials are available and zero waste living?

A mix of theoretical and practical activities in the second edition of Design and Technology Stage 5 allows Year 9 and 10 students to understand the key objectives of the syllabus and develop the knowledge and skills required to design and evaluate their own work. Give your students the most up-to-date tools to meet the needs of the new syllabus and the future of design with Design and Technology Stage 5 Second Edition.

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