Introducing Desmos interactive widgets and tools

14 NOVEMBER 2017
We're taking a look at a new feature available on selected mathematics products.

Cambridge University Press is pleased to announce that students and teachers will now have access to Desmos interactive widgets within resources Powered by Cambridge HOTmaths. Embedded Desmos interactive widgets will be available in the Cambridge Senior Mathematics and Essential Mathematics series from 2018.

The Desmos tools include a graphing calculator, a scientific calculator and a flexible geometry tool that can be easily accessed on each page of the interactive textbook. Desmos uses HTML5 technology to create powerful digital widget that make maths accessible and engaging.

Students and teachers can visualise mathematical concepts with the embedded widget activities in the interactive textbook, enabling an advanced level of interaction with equations, functions and data. The graphing and scientific calculators and the geometry tool are also included for students to use for their own calculations.

Cambridge University Press is pleased to be the first publisher in Australia to provide ready-made Desmos-based activities integrated in learning resources for specific curricula.

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