Domino’s Pizza - a case study in more ways than one.

23 JUNE 2017
NSW Year 12 Business Studies students will get valuable insight into the complications of the franchise business model as they look at Domino’s Pizza as a full-year case study in Cambridge Business Studies Fourth Edition.

Students can learn from the innovative business practices of the pizza giant and compare it with what media investigations have discovered about their operations.

Dominos’ has been fined $18000 for allegedly not complying with the Franchising Code of Conduct. The ACCC has revealed that Dominos are the first company to be be penalised for non-compliance with the Franchsing Code, having failed to advise franchisees about how money levied from stores for marketing was spent. Dominos maintains this was an oversight.

Domino’s management also contends that there is no link between the underpayment of staff and franchisee profitability due to their business model. An earlier Fairfax investigation has also alleged that Domino’s franchisees had been selling visas and underpaying staff in order to keep wages under 27% of sales. They have been accused of manipulating shift hours, deleting shifts, not paying overtime, underpaying staff super and not paying the correct hourly rate. Read the full investigation by Adele Ferguson and Mario Christodoulou here.  

"You are always learning, any sort of criticism, you listen and it makes you do a double check. I'll be the last person to tell you we are perfect," Chief executive, Don Meij has said.

Recently, they have tried to distract consumers from these controversies with a customer care campaign that aims to resolve consumer’s concerns which apparently include missing garlic breads, uneven pizza slices and poorly distributed pepperoni.

Cambridge Business Studies Fourth Edition for HSC includes the pizza franchise as a case study providing chapters detailing the Operations, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources of the business.

More information on the series is available here.


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