HOW TO ORDER: inspection copies

Can anyone get an inspection copy?

The Inspection Copy service is available within Australia and New Zealand, and is only available to School Coordinators and University lecturers for the purpose of analysing the book for possible adoption. Special conditions apply for any inspection requests. Please read the guidelines below.

Can I request any title?

Not all titles are available on inspection in Australia or New Zealand. Titles that are displayed on our Inspection copy request page can be ordered. Customers must make sure the correct region is displayed ( found in top right as a drop down )


Inspection copy guidelines

Inspection copies should be ordered using an official school order number or a University department purchase order. Any request for inspections must have full teacher/professor name, department, delivery address (preferably not a Post Office Box address) and phone number.

Cambridge pays freight on delivery of all inspection copies made to the customer.

Customers may inspect the goods free for 30 days from the date of the invoice. At the end of the 30-day inspection period, customers may:

  1. BUY THE INSPECTION COPY — by keeping the inspection copy and sending a copy of the remittance advice (quoting reference number) and payment to Cambridge. Payment must be in Australian dollars and can be made either by cheque, money order, Bankcard, MasterCard or Visa. If paying by credit card, card number, expiry date, cardholder’s name, signature and telephone number must be provided.
  2. ORDER FURTHER COPIES — by sending a new order together with a copy of the original invoice. If 20 or more copies are ordered or if the title is booklisted, the customer may keep the inspection copy free of charge.
  3. RETURN THE INSPECTION COPY — by returning the original invoice and inspection copy within 120 days from the original invoice date. Return freight is at the customer’s expense. The returned copy must be in “mint” condition, or it will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense. In Australia, the original invoice and inspection copy must be returned to Cambridge’s Warehouse Returns Department, 477 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207. In New Zealand, the original invoice and inspection copy must be returned to Cambridge University Press C/O DHL Global Forwarding, 18 Verissimo Drive, Auckland International Airport, New Zealand. 

Monthly correspondence will be sent to the Customer for any outstanding invoice.

Where books are not returned within 120 days from the original invoice date, a new invoice will be raised on the customer’s account. Normal trading terms will then apply.